The Science of Sleep: 8 Articles To Help You Get Some Shut-Eye

Do you have a hard time falling asleep at night? Maybe you have the opposite problem and can't stay awake during the day. Or maybe you recently found out you snore. Here are eight articles to help you get healthier (and quieter!) sleep at night.


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Avoid Sleepiness With Protein: New Research Shows Sugar Blocks Orexin Cells (Becca Borawski)

Feeling sleepy? Eat some protein. Science reveals protein is the best way to wake your body up and trigger a calorie burn.



Pro Athletes Who Sleep More Are More Successful (Joshua Wortman)

Athletes who get more sleep tend to have more successful professional careers. Two new studies look at pro football and baseball players, their longevity, and their injury rates.


Why Proper Sleep and Melatonin Are Absolutely Essential (Doug Dupont)

We know sleep is important for us, but do you know why? New research examines the amazing antioxidant effects of melatonin. It's so powerful it can combat deadly cancer drugs.


Snore No More: Relieve Neck Tension (And Your Loved Ones) (Willow Ryan)

I was recently informed that I snore. What? Before me and my relationship came to blows, I decided it was time to investigate my neck position during the day and found the cure to my snoring dilemma.


Sleep Apnea: Causes and Treatments (Valerie Worthington)

Do you crave sleep the way a dieter craves dessert? Rule out sleep apnea to help ensure you get adequate rest.


8 Habits to Build a Better Night's Sleep (James Garland)

We all know at this point that sleep is vital to both our health and our athletic performance. But do you know HOW to sleep more and better? Here are 8 tips for getting deeper more refreshing sleep.


4 Deadly Things Caused by Lack of Sleep and 2 Reasons to Get More (Becca Borawski)

You've heard it before - America doesn’t get enough sleep and it makes our brains hazy and driving bad. There are four more surprising ways sleep deprivation effects us, in a potentially deadly way.


Lack of Sleep Increases Injury Rate in Teenage Athletes (Joshua Wortman)

Want to help your teenager be a better, healthier athlete? Get them to bed on time. New research shows a direct correlation between injury risk and lack of sleep in adolescent athletes.

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