The Time Crunch Kettlebell Circuit

Justin Lind


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Follow along with me and two fellow RKC trainers for a kettlebell workout aimed at balance, coordination, and stability. This is a very quick circuit that will cover all your bases. It is a great option for those busy days when you really need to squeeze in some training.


You need only a matching set of kettlebells and a little floor space. I recommend that you begin with a weight that you can easily press and hold overhead. You can always repeat it later with something heavier.



We begin with slower, more deliberate movements so that you can jump straight in. I recommend that you do a general warm up before beginning. A fantastic and quick option from Chris Holder is the Cal Poly Hip Flow.


This training session features several movements that you might be unfamiliar with. You may review the following articles to ensure comfort and proficiency:




The Time Crunch Kettlebell Circuit



Part 1

  • 3/3 Turkish Get Ups per side (alternate)


Part 2

3-5 rounds:

  • 5 Bottoms-Up Press (non-dominant arm)
  • 5 Single-Leg Deadlift (kettlebell remains in pressing arm)
  • 5 Bottoms-Up Press (dominant arm)
  • 5 Single-Leg Deadlift (kettlebell remains in pressing arm)


Part 3

8-6-4-2 reps of:

  • Double KB Gunslingers
  • Double KB Push Press
  • Double KB Lunges (overhead, front rack, or farmers carry)

1. Perform each complex unbroken

2. Rest 5 breaths between each complex


More kettlebell complexes to get you smoked in minimum time:

Kettlebells Work: But Can You Endure the Chain of Pain?


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