You Are Responsible for What Goes in Your Mouth

How discerning are you when it comes to what you eat? Do you really read all the labels? Do you actually know how your supplements were made?

How discerning are you when it comes to what you put in your mouth? Do you read all the labels? Do you actually know how your supplements were made? Do you know what makes a protein powder good or bad? This week’s articles answer all those questions – and more.

You Are Responsible – Editor’s Picks of the Week

How Do We Know If Supplements Work?

Some people will tell you that you don’t need supplements if you eat right. Other people will tell you that supplements are essential to health and performance. Which is right? And do supplements even work? Coach Doug Dupont gives us some insight into the science of supplement research.

10 Things I Know About Protein That You Don’t

The supplement industry can be a shady and treacherous place. But there are good supplements and companies out there. How do you know the difference? This article from Anthony Roberts gives you guidelines about how to choose your protein powder.

Are Energy Bars Good for Us?

I’ll admit to binging on bars myself in the past. Living on them while travelling or using exercise as an excuse to eat what amounts to a candy bar. Did you know, though, that they were originally invented for astronauts? Coach Eric Stevens gives us a look at the history and evolution of energy bars.

Is Low Calorie Dieting Dangerous?

Does calorie restriction actually work for weight loss? Or does it result in long-term failure, boomerang weight gain, and really bad moods? Maybe that was a leading question? Coach Kevin Cann takes a closer look at calories and what happens when we limit them.

The Genie in a Bottle: Anabolic Steroids and Youth Athletes

Okay, steroids don’t go in your mouth, but if you’re a parent you’re reponsible for teaching your young athletes about these performaing enhancing supplements. The reality is, if you don’t address the topic, somebody else certainly will. So, here’s some expert advice from coach David Varnes.

Running: The Exercise Equivalent of Vegetables

Alright, this is another one that’s not really something you eat – but it’s the fitness equivalent of good nutrition. Why do so many people hate running so much? Is it something about the running? Or are we just refusing to eat our proverbial broccoli? Coach Andrew Read has the answer – and the remedy.

The Best Diet for Firefighters and Police

For those of you in law enforcement, fire fighting, and all the other first responder professions, we love you, are grateful for you, and want you to stay healthy and safe. Eating well is hard to do in your line of work, so here’s some advice from firefighter and coach John Annillo on how to eat to fuel your body and your on-the-job performance.

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