Your Mental State vs. Your Success

Exercise is healthy. But sometimes our approach to it is not. Our mentality when we walk into the gym can do more damage than junk food ever could.

Editor’s Picks of the Week

Exercise is a healthy thing. But sometimes our approach to exercise is not. Our mental state when we walk into the gym, dojo, or studio can do more damage than junk food ever could. We train too hard, we don’t listen to our coaches, and we compare ourselves to impossible goals.

This week’s editor’s picks look at our mental approach to training and where it can go wrong. But each article also offers solutions you can apply to your training – and your life – starting today.

Your Mental State vs. Your Success

How You Can Use Comparison, Instead of Letting It Abuse You

We spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to others. And when most of us do this, we come to a negative conclusion about ourselves. Coach Amy D. Hester asks us to examine these comparisons and put them and ourselves into a more positive light.

Are You Addicted to Exercise? The Tell-Tale Signs

Too much of a good thing is still too much. But why do we pursue exercise even when it begins to break us down? Have you been going too hard for too long? Coach Eric C. Stevens explains the symptoms of exercise addiction.

Open Your Mind and Say Yes to Your Coach

Have you ever found yourself saying, “yes, but…” to your coach? Do you ask questions and then not follow your coach’s advice? If this is you, then read this piece from Coach Valerie Worthington on how to turn your “yes, but” into a “yes, and” and improve your performance.

Real Yogis Use Props (And You Should, Too)

Sometimes it sucks to be the only one in yoga class with a pile of blocks holding you up. I totally get that. But would you rather handicap your progress or improve your health, performance, and mobility? Coach Alison Bristow-Wilburn gives props to props.

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What If We Thought About Movement Like Nutrition?

Do you fast all day and then binge on food? Because most likely that’s how you treat your exercise. What if instead you treated exercise like you do your nutrition? Coach Chris Garay explains the approach and how it can make you happier and healthier.

You’re Not Ronnie Coleman – Don’t Be Afraid to Tweak

You are a unique butterfly. Okay, maybe you’re not a butterly – but you are unique. So why in the world would you follow any workout plan down to the letter? Coach David Varnes explains how and why you should adjust your workouts to your own body and goals.

Jiu Jitsu Is Awesome (Athlete Journal 35)

Sometimes you do have a great approach when you’re at the gym. It feels right and it feels like where you’re supposed to be. When you find that flow, everything just goes right. You’re open to success and accomplishment. Athlete Jess Papi explains how this feels for her in jiu jitsu class.

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