From a Hospital Bed to Elite Strength Coach

What matters in life is to leave an enduring legacy that improves those who will follow.

What are they going to say about you at your funeral? It may seem like an abstract question, but for Brett Bartholomew, it’s one he tries to answer with his actions every single day. Brett has coached everyone from weekend warriors to Super Bowl Champions, and his relationship-centered approach aims to develop people, not just bodies.

Today he sits down with Shane Trotter to talk about how a childhood hospitalization was the catalyst for his career in strength and conditioning, why you can’t outsmart your physiology with life hacks and coffee, and why arguing over squat types is a first world problem.

You’ll also learn what the social media climate of fitness has in common with drug cartels, why values are more important than goals, and how personal creation should become a rite of passage for everyone.

If you like what Brett has to say in this episode, be sure to check out his book, Conscious Coaching.