6 Articles to Shine a Light on Vitamin D

Most of us in the modern world are lacking in vitamin D. Exposure to sunlight is often thought of as the best way of getting enough. But is this true? And what are the benefits, anyway? Here are six articles to enlighten you about this incredible vitamin.


vit d, vitamin d, sunshine, vitamin d3, supplementVitamin D: Is Sunlight Enough? (Jeff Barnett)

Sun exposure is one way to get vitamin D, but is it the best way? A new study suggests you might need to supplement even if you spend a lot of time outdoors in natural sunlight.



What's Best for Vitamin D: Sunshine, Tanning Bed, or Supplement? (Vanessa Bennington)

You know you need to get enough vitamin D, but do you know which is the best way to get it? What are the benefits of the sun versus a tanning bed? And where do supplements rank?


Vitamin D Can Save Your Eyesight (Becca Borawski)

Many of us in the modern world are lacking in vitamin D. Now it turns out it can keep our eyes healthier for longer, as well. Read on for details on how vitamin D can save your eyes.


Using Calcium and Vitamin D to Prevent Stress Fractures (Mindith Rahmat)

Calcium and Vitamin D are two widely available and popular nutritional supplements used for bone health.


Can Vitamin D Prevent Obesity? (Doug Dupont)

We've all heard how great vitamin D is for a whole spectrum of health issues, from eyesight to bone health. New research says we can add obesity prevention to that list.


Product Review: Pure Pharma Vitamin D3 (Traver H. Boehm)

Maybe you already use Pure Pharma's fish oil, but now they address one of your other daily needs - vitamin D - with their new product, Vitamin D3.


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