Healthy Food Doesn’t Have to Suck

Perfect macro meals can include more than plain chicken breast and rice.

The rules of eating well aren’t complicated. We all understand the basic principles of portion control and macronutrient ratios, but for many of us, creating meals based on those principles just doesn’t work with our busy schedules. After you work, train, sleep, and heaven forbid spend a little time with your friends, who has time to weigh and measure all the ingredients for a week’s worth of meals? And even if you did, then you have to find the time and know-how to create meals that you don’t have to hold your nose and choke down.

That’s where Ben Canary comes in. He’s the co-founder of HercuLean Meal Prep in Indianapolis, where he creates and prepares macro-perfect meals for anybody trying to look after their health and athletic performance.

Ben talks about how the constraints of cooking for improved body composition enabled his creativity in the kitchen, where he’s built a menu that will not only help you progress toward your goals, but keep your taste buds entertained, so you won’t feel the need to go out and ruin all your gains with cheat meals. He details the evolution of his business from just cooking for himself and his brother to opening their own retail location, where his clientele now includes everyone from competitive athletes to the morbidly obese, and busy professionals to hungry college kids.

We also discuss the problems with mixing dietary strategies, how he uses technology to demonstrate the effectiveness of his service to his clients, and how his strategy is to become “fit by consumption.”

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