Human Flags, Personal Training, and What Makes an Athlete

The expert trainer is the one who can give you a workout you couldn’t do without them there.

Most of the trainers and coaches you meet went straight into the fitness business after school, but bodyweight wizard Danny Kavadlo is the exception to that rule. He bounced around a dozen different jobs before beginning his career as a personal trainer at age 31, after the birth of his son. Since then, he’s taken the industry by storm, finding success as a trainer and entrepreneur, and authoring five books, including his latest, Get Strong. His background and experience have given him a no-nonsense approach to fitness and life that is as refreshing as it is motivating.

Danny understands that people don’t just work out to get stronger, they work out to get better. He and Justin Lind talk shop about his philosophy of simplicity, positivity, and accountability. He illustrates the danger of relying on motivation, versus having the discipline and dedication to just do the work. Finally, he lays out why he views bodyweight training as the best overall program for physical improvement, why he won’t call his clients athletes, and why we should celebrate the beautiful commonality in our pursuits of fitness.

Danny Kavadlo Podcast on Breaking Muscle with Justin Lind