Researchers Warn High Training Loads Increase Field Injuries

Mindith Rahmat


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New research in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport examined training loads and injury rates in professional rugby league players. Researchers studied 79 professional rugby league players over a lengthy 4 year study period. Subjects participated in a periodized strength and power training program. Researchers examined strength and conditioning programs, training loads, and any injuries that were associated with training or field time. 


Researchers Warn High Training Loads Increase Field Injuries - Fitness, athletic performance, strength and conditioning

Results of the study strongly indicated that training loads were significantly related to overall injury, non contact field injury, and contact field injury rates. Researchers found that power training loads were significantly related to strength and power injuries. Strength and power training loads were also notably associated with field training injuries. 



This research is noteworthy because of the longitudinal nature of the study. These results suggest that strength and conditioning coaches should be aware that the more aggressively that an athlete trains off the field, the higher the risk for injuries on the field. Coaches should also take note that heavy loaded strength and power training protocols may be related to more field injuries. Coaches should examine their programming, training loads, rest and recovery sessions to take steps to avoid these training related injuries.

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