"Inspiration, color, magic, peace." This is what yoga represents for professional yoga photographer Wari Om, and this is what he intends to convey in his photos.



Wari Om knew he wanted to be a photographer at the age of twenty. He studied for three years at IEFC (Institut d'Etudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya), and a final year at GrisArt, both in Barcelona. A certified yoga and AcroYoga teacher himself, Wari also works at Omshanti Yoga Studio in Spain.



The theme of light is prominent in Wari's photos. Wari noted that sunrise and sunset are his favorite moments to capture in his photos.


I love to take photos right after the sunset or before the sunrise. Magic happens usually in those moments of the day, not only in terms of light and simple photography, but also because for thousands of years, yogis considered this moment the most beneficial for the daily practice.


For Wari, photography is primarily a medium to share yoga with the world. When asked what the most rewarding aspect of his photos is, Wari answered:


The most rewarding thing about photography is sharing the wisdom of yoga and bringing yoga to people's lives in a simple and inspiring way. I also enjoy meeting yogis from all over the world and getting to create something special together so we can share it with the world.


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