Lift Like a Girl – Build the Body You Want and Be More Awesome

“Um, why would I want to lift like a girl?” he asked with a smirk while pointing at my T-shirt that had “Lift Like a Girl” on the front. “Because I’m stronger than you,” I happily responded.

“Um, why would I want to lift like a girl?” he asked with a smirk while pointing at my T-shirt that had “Lift Like a Girl” written across the front.

“Because I’m stronger than you,” I happily responded as I tossed more weight on the bar.

It’s not my typical style to be a smart-aleck, but I made an exception for this gym-bro who had a very derogatory tone in his comment, and he was also the recipient of some nasty glares from my friends who frequent the gym. It was the first time I ever saw this guy at the gym, and as of now, the last.

I understand that some women don’t like the term “lift like a girl.” They think it’s degrading, and that’s fine. But, when you strength train like my clients and I do, lifting like a girl is just awesome.

So that’s what we’ll discuss in this article – what it really means to Lift Like a Girl, why it’s a great way to build the body you want, and how it can make you even more awesome.

Why Should YOU Lift Like a Girl?

If you enjoy strength training or you’re a beginner strength trainee and want to dip your toes into the progressive resistance training pool for the first time, then you’ll love lifting like a girl.

Here are four of my favorite benefits from lifting like a girl:

1. Build the body you really want and actually have some fun.

nia shanks, lift like a girl, eat like a girl, think like a girl, LLAGIf you want to lose fat, “sculpt” some sexy muscle, and have that lean, athletic look, then lifting like a girl is the ultimate way to accomplish that goal. Proper, progressive strength training with focus on the basic exercises is how you shed fat and build muscle. That combination will transform your physique.

Furthermore, lifting like a girl is actually fun. You’ll have positive goals to shoot for in your workouts, you will finish your workouts with more energy, and you’ll see what your body is capable of doing. We’ll discuss that more in a moment, but let’s continue with one of my favorite perks of lifting like a girl.

2. Be awesome.

I’m not gonna lie; this is my favorite perk to strength training. How exactly does strength training make you more awesome? Easy peasy. When you can squat your bodyweight, deadlift 1.5 times your bodyweight or more, bust out sets of chin-ups, push-ups, and other challenging bodyweight exercises, you’re pretty dang awesome in my book.

Becoming a stronger version of yourself and building a body that serves you, enhances your overall life, and allows you to live a healthier life definitely makes you more awesome. And it’s not necessary for you to revolve your life around the gym to get the results you want, either. Now that is definitely awesome.

3. Strength train your mind.

nia shanks, lift like a girl, eat like a girl, think like a girl, LLAGMost people think strength training only causes changes to the body, but, and forgive my southern slang, it just ain’t true. Strength training not only builds a better, stronger, healthier body, but it’s an incredible tool for forging a stronger mind and greater self-confidence.

This is something I’ve witnessed with practically every trainee I’ve worked with. After a few weeks of adding more weight to the bar, getting stronger, performing bodyweight exercises they once thought were impossible, a wave of confidence crashes upon them.

Strength training is empowering when you lift like a girl.

4. Unleash your true potential.

Strength training builds, and tests, your physical and mental fortitude. Once you get stronger and perfect your form on the basic exercises, do a heavy set of 20 reps squats to see what I mean. Or, go run several hill sprints.

Progressive strength training really shows you what your body is capable of doing. This is something we often lose sight of because we’re so focused on how we look. But, the weight on the barbell is important, and not the weight on the scale. Lift like a girl, and you’ll unleash your true potential.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next article and follow my four week program. Now that you know why you should lift like a girl, you’ll see exactly how to lift like a girl to get maximum results, build a better body, and become even more awesome.

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