Mastering Your Energy for True Health and Fitness

Peak performance strategies with nutrition, health, and life coach Brad Davidson.

Brad Davidson like efficiency, audits, accountability, measurable results, and offsetting damaging habits for real results. In this Outlier podcast, he talks to me about helping people to overcome outdated fitness and nutrition advice by waking them up to the possibilities of a truly healthy life. The great thing about Davidson is that he has walked the walk, having found himself in some distress at what should have been a high point in his fitness journey.

At the age of 33, having gone from coaching athletes to training himself to compete for a place in the Olympics, Brad finds himself confronted with the news that he is diabetic. his thyroid has shut down and he has the testosterone levels of an 85-year old man. Basically, at the age of 33, Brad is facing andropause, otherwise known as male menopause.

As a high achieving athlete, a successful strength coach in his own right, Brad begins to explore what is happening to his own body and makes some startling discoveries about the impact of stress on himself. And, not taking anything for granted, he starts to dig into everything even more deeply, his training, his nutrition, his lab work, all in pursuit of finding a way out of his unlikely situation.

In his conversation here, Davidson covers everything from his approach to identifying the real fitness blockers that exist in even the most active people to the ways that he sees high achieving people hit the same roadblocks as people at the other end of the health spectrum. Davidson talks about his adaptations and methods which can help anyone find the energy they seem to be missing, fire up their metabolism that has slowed down, and achieve a truly healthy, fit state of being. A true state of fitness.

You can also watch the conversation on Breaking Muscle’s YouTube Channel below.

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