Erectile Dysfunction and COVID-19, a Relationship Made in Hell

Douglas Perry

Technology, Cycling, Swimming


ED is defined as “an inability to obtain or maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse”. Studies have indicated that there is a relationship between ED and the vascular system, due to the fact that rates of ED are much higher in men with diabetes, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease.


Understanding the critical role played by the endothelium the relationship between endothelial dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, and high cholesterol, nutrition and exercise are logical tools for prevention and treatment.



A previous research review from the Journal of Andrology found that men with ED who participated in an exercise program did demonstrate improved sexual responses. Overall, this review indicated that nutrition and physical activity positively augment normal erectile function.


Researchers in this review emphasized that this is probably the result of ... “reduced metabolic disturbances decreased visceral adipose tissue, and improvement in vascular function”.


So, it shouldn't be suprising another, much more recent, review in the Journal of Andrology, on the preliminary evidence of the association between ED and COVID-19, found a significant effect of COVID-19 on the development of ED was found among subjects in the study.


In conclusion, get vaccinated, participate in a functional fitness program, adhere to a clinically recommended nutrition plan and don't think little blue pills might be a fun way to go about getting it up.

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