Product Review: About Time Ve Vegan Protein Formula

If you’re a vegan athlete , you will want to check out About Time Ve Vegan Protein Formula. This product tastes good and contains a variety of high-quality ingredients.

about time, vegan, protein, product reviews, supplements

about time, vegan, protein, product reviews, supplements

Protein supplements are a staple item for most athletes. We all know it can be difficult to eat as shortly after a workout as we’d like, or to get as much protein as we need in a day. And for any athlete who focuses on eating vegetable-based sources, the challenges for getting enough protein at the right time are sometimes greater.

I was a vegan for five years myself, back in the dark ages of the supplement industry. Back then, a quality vegan protein powder that tasted good would have been a breath of fresh air. Although I’m not a vegan anymore, recently I’ve been using the About Time Ve Vegan Protein Formula. About Time is a brand of SDC Nutrition, a company dedicated to providing a variety of protein supplements to health-conscious consumers.

This protein powder is a blend of pea, brown rice, and pumpkin protein. It is not a soy-based powder, so you don’t have to be concerned with the phytoestrogens that come with soy. The powder I have is vanilla flavor, and it’s sweetened with stevia, resulting in only one gram of carbohydrates per serving. In addition to the protein and flavoring, About Time Ve contains coconut oil, which contributes a small amount of fat, and a digestive enzyme blend that supports the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat to help you get the most out of the product.

Ve Vegan Protein Formula is also very low in calories. Additionally, protein accounts for nearly all of the calories in each serving. Since protein increases metabolism, this powder is a great choice for people looking to lose weight, including those who follow a low-calorie or low-carb diet.

The flavor is a light vanilla, which is not too sweet and very enjoyable. It is slightly chalky in flavor and consistency, but with plant-based proteins this is virtually unavoidable. I don’t personally find the consistency bothersome, but some might. The powder does mix easily but requires regular shaking because it will settle. There is also some chunky residue resembling bits of nuts from time to time, which I’m guessing is bits of peas. This actually imparts a slightly nutty flavor to the protein. Again, I don’t mind any of these qualities, and you probably won’t either because they are fairly trivial, but worth mentioning.

About Time produces their products in their own facility, which is a double-edged sword. It allows them to have greater creative and quality control, but also introduces potential allergens. Peanuts, eggs, milk, and soy products are also processed in the facility, so this product may not be suitable for people with serious food allergies.

I have enjoyed every About Time product I’ve tried so far, and the Ve Vegan Protein Formula is no exception. I wish this had existed back when I was a vegan, but I’m glad it exists now.

About Time Ve is available in a 2lb jar for$39.99 at

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