Product Review: APS Recovery

With all the talk about post workout nutrition we decided to review some products on the market. Find out why APS Recovery is one of the better options out there.

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With numerous preferences, strategies, and practices of post workout recovery, any athlete can relate to the intricacies of post workout nutrition. And the fitness industry is full of options. When it comes to nutrition All Pro Science seeks to capture recovery better than the rest of the field.

All Pro Science is a supplement company with roots in athletics and supporting athletic performance. The APS product I recently tested myself was APS Recovery. The product I tried was a great tasting pineapple-orange flavor powder that mixes well with water. This product is built for those aforementioned precious post workout moments.

APS prides themselves on quality. APS Recovery is compromised of all-natural ingredients and includes no artificial flavors. APS Recovery is made from one hundred percent grass-fed whey and dons a 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, which provides adequate carbohydrate to replenish depleted glycogen stores.

APS Recovery targets endurance, recovery, and rehydration:

  • With the aim to extend endurance, APS Recovery provides dietary energy to last through longer training sessions.
  • With regards to recovery, the product is designed to reduce recovery time, soreness, and fatigue, as well as aid in the growth of muscle.
  • Lastly, any athlete can benefit from the rehydration that APS offers during and after training sessions.

As someone who doesn’t utilize recovery supplements regularly, I experienced APS Recovery as a bit of a novice. I found the pineapple-orange flavor to actually be quite good. In some ways it even felt like a post workout treat. It’s not as filling as a big meal after training, but I understand there are a good number of athletes who find it difficult to stomach real food shortly after training. The product seemed to do the job.

I know if I miss my post workout nutrition window of 30-45 minutes, I start to get tunnel vision and my only purpose on Earth becomes finding food. The ease of consuming APS Recovery offers a simple solution to others who have this same experience as me. The carbohydrate load of APS Recovery offers the glycogen to maintain energy levels and top off glycogen stores depleted from exercise. The protein component, then, is ideal for synthesizing this very recovery.

In a perfect world, one would always benefit most from real food. In the real world, however, we often need to rely on brands like APS with the knowledge and power to create products that support high performance training. Having APS Recovery means we can maximize those valuable post workout minutes to recover.

A common jab at similar products is that they can be largely dominated by simple sugars and sold as just what the body needs to recover. With 8 grams of sugar per serving, APS Recovery has surprising moderate sugar levels, when compared to similar products by Endurox and CytoSport, for example.

One could argue that athletes engaged in training and performances outside of the norm have needs that lie outside of the norm, as well. I think that’s where a credible company like All Pro Science steps in. For athletes looking for a quality protein source after training, APS has the quality products and the experience in the industry to fulfill those needs. Plus, it tastes great.

APS Recovery is available online at for $39.99.

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