Product Review: BlenderBottle ProStak

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose sports bottle that can hold all of your nutritional needs in one convenient place, keep your eye out for the release of the BlenderBottle ProStak.

BlenderBottle is a company you’ve heard about before right here on Breaking Muscle. They produce travel and transport solutions for all your sports nutrition needs. Whether it’s pills, powders, or drinks, BlenderBottle has a solution.

Recently I got a chance to try out the pre-production model of their new ProStak. In the past I’ve tried out the SportMixer and their GoStak products, which both proved to be a cut above the rest, so I was excited to see what the ProStak had to offer. After trying it out, I’m happy to say the ProStak delivers.

The ProStak is sort of a blend between the SportMixer and GoStak. It’s a BPA-free, damage-resistant bottle. It also seems to be odor-resistant like their other products, although I haven’t seen it marketed as such. Basically, the bottle is just a good, solid product, with several innovative features.

The folks at BlenderBottle must have read my SportMixer review, because they added some features to the lid that are improvements over the other model. The lid on the ProStak now locks, so you don’t have to hold it shut when mixing it. This was a major improvement, since I definitely ended up losing half of my shake on my first attempt with the SportMixer. They also added a hinge to the clip that makes it independent from the locking lid now. I’m not sure if that’s a huge improvement, but it seems cool.

Like their other bottles, the ProStak has the patented BlenderBall inside. The BlenderBall is a wire whisk that is becoming more and more commonplace in bottles these days. The whisk is intended to help mix drinks better. I don’t personally notice a big difference, but some people might.

In addition to the bottle and whisk, you’ll find several compartments for carrying powders, vitamins, and snacks. A removable 100cc container fits right inside the bottle. Another 150cc container makes up the base, which can be unscrewed. The most fun of all is a pill container that’s actually within the base container. The pill container has two compartments if you need to separate pills, and powder can be used as well.

The pre-production model I tried did have a few issues. Some of the containers came loose when dropped (and I definitely threw this thing around), and on a few rare occasions the top lid didn’t screw on perfectly. However, these problems should be exclusive to the pre-production models. I had just barely noticed them when I got an email from BlenderBottle stating they had already resolved the design issues in the production model. Although the email was a nice touch, for some companies I might have rolled my eyes and thought, “Yeah, sure.” However, I’ve used BlenderBottle products before and know they love innovation, and that comes with kinks to iron out. They say they’ve fixed these problems and I believe them.

If you can say anything at all about BlenderBottle products in general it’s that they are durable. I literally threw their GoStak at hard surfaces to test it out, and there were no cracks, no scratches, and no loose ends. These guys mean business. All in all, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose sports bottle that isn’t just run-of-the-mill and can hold all of your nutritional needs in one place, keep your eye out for the release of the BlenderBottle ProStak.

The BlenderBottle ProStak is available for $12.99 at

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