Product Review: Farmaesthetics New and Nursing Mothers Set

The New and Nursing Mothers set from Farmaesthetics contains 6 products to pamper new moms. I used it during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

The Farmaesthetics brand has put together the ultimate relaxation and pampering package for pregnant and new moms. I used the products in the New and Nursing Mothers set throughout the last portion of my pregnancy, during the postpartum period, and even while I was in labor and was impressed with all of them.

This package contains six products any mom would love. Here’s a bit about the items and my own experience with each of them:

Hand to Heel Softening Salve

I’m nursing my son and used this in the first week after delivery to relieve nipple soreness and dryness. If you’re not breastfeeding, there are other uses as well – in fact, this stuff has also worked wonders for my heels and dry skin on my elbows.

Nourishing Herbal Cream

I used this cream primarily on my belly and thighs during my pregnancy, as recommended by Farmaesthetics. I have to admit I’m skeptical of products that claim to prevent stretch marks. That being said, this was my third pregnancy and I was happy to see after my belly went back to normal that there’s not a stretch mark to be found!

Deep Lavender Rub

I’ve already reviewed this product and was glad to see it came in this set. Since I’ve delivered my son and entered into the postpartum period, I have a new appreciation for this product. As of writing this review, it has been nine days since I had a baby. Although I have regained my energy during the day, I tend to get achy in the evenings and this rub is the perfect relief for tired muscles.

Nourishing Lavender Milk

My skin got a little bit finicky at the end of my pregnancy, and this lightweight moisturizer was the perfect solution for dryness. It has a light aroma and is perfect for combination skin types.

Field Lavender Solar Salt Mineral Bath

As a doula I am always on the lookout for ways to ease pain and discomfort during labor, so I decided to give this item a trial run during my own labor. Although it only took me an hour to go from four centimeters to pushing out a baby, it took about two and a half days to get those first four centimeters, and during those long and tiring days I used this mineral bath to relax and manage my contractions. I highly recommend this product for women who want a natural means to manage labor pain, particularly during the early stages.

Lemon Balm Remedy Oil

Unfortunately I’m out of this now because I used it daily during the last part of my pregnancy. Lemon balm is known for its restorative qualities, and the sweet almond oil provides a perfect level of moisture for your skin.

All of the Farmaethetics products are free of preservatives and contain natural and organic ingredients. If you like to avoid skincare products that contain dozens of chemical names you can’t pronounce, you’ll be happy to find these products. There are no synthetic fragrances, paragons, dyes, or other fillers.

My only complaint is that the containers aren’t just a little bit bigger! Some of the products will only last for a few uses. Then again, this is a gift set and the sizes are just big enough to give you a nice sample of each item.

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or not, the products in this set will help you deal with the less comfortable moments of pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. If you know a new mom you’d like to pamper, this package would make a great gift. I will definitely be recommending these products to moms I know and future doula clients as well.

The New and Nursing Mothers Set is available for $57.00 at

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