Product Review: ToeSox Sport Socks

You’ve seen shoes with five toes, now what about socks with five toes? ToeSox offers the latest in foot gear that will aid your performance. Really, your socks can make a difference.

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This is my second go around with ToeSox and my toes couldn’t be happier. In my first review of ToeSox, I described the joy of activities done in socks or barefoot made better by the more true, free feeling of wearing socks tailored to one’s foot. The idea was that traditional tube-like socks are an unfortunate compromise in comfort and performance for certain types of activity and ToeSox are an option that doesn’t make any compromise.

toesox, five toed socks, toe socks, socks with toes, socks with gripsWell, ToeSox has more to offer than the basic model with grips on the sole – now they have sport socks. I had the pleasure of experiencing three different ToeSox products. Though based around the same principle of five-digit support and foot freedom, these three models are designed for a specific performance and feel. Based on the “weight” of the material, I was able to try the Ultra Lite, Light Weight, and Medium Weight models.

These three ToeSox products seek to bring the comfort and performance of ToeSox – without the grips – to activities that are practiced in shoes. The Ultra Lite model, for example, champions relevance in sports like running, cycling, and climbing and the minimalist version of shoes utilized for each activity. The Light Weight ToeSox are the most like a normal pair of socks you’d wear with shoes in a game of basketball, at the grocery store, or working in the back yard. These socks are the weight and feel of your everyday socks. Lastly, the Medium Weight product is branded specifically for the great outdoors. These would work great in any instance where life gets a bit more cold and rugged. Perfect for slipping into hiking boats, these socks fit alongside any activity that would normally call for wool socks.

toesox, five toed socks, toe socks, socks with toes, socks with gripsSo far there probably isn’t any doubt as to what the intended application of these three products is, but you may still be wondering, “What’s the big deal? I already have socks for those kinds of activities.” There are some universal value added components to the ToeSox concept, regardless of the application. These points of performance include moisture wicking technology, as well as blister protection. With a quality fabric to keep feet dry and the added performance of the five-digit design, the consumer is less likely to experience moisture and rubbing during activity that can lead to blisters, which are small injuries with big consequences. A tiny blister, for example, can be the difference between being able to go for a jog or not.

The relative simplicity of something like the socks we wear often leaves them unquestioned and neglected. It’s a fun exercise to think that there’s a chance we haven’t been doing the best job with regards to designing something as simple as a sock.

ToeSox are available for $10-15 at

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