Cracked Nut Butter (Product Review)

For the majority of people trying to get good fats and protein into their diet, this is a high-quality product that tastes excellent.

Trainers Paul and Megan Potts were looking for a solution to help their clients who were trying to eat less sweets. So they createdCracked Nut Butter – a healthy alternative to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Quality of Ingredients

Cracked Nut Butter comes in five basic flavors: cookie dough (with and without chocolate chips), brownie batter, cinnamon roll, and a seasonal flavor (currently café mocha).

All five flavors contain the same basic ingredients, and the only difference is the amount of spices that give it its flavor. These ingredients include raw almonds, raw pecans, unsweetened organic coconut flakes, grass-fed whey protein isolate, honey, grass-fed ghee, organic virgin coconut oil, and digestive enzymes.

I was pretty impressed with the thought process behind each ingredient. Paul and Megan use raw nuts, as there has been some indication that roasting nuts might oxidize the fats. They use grass-fed milk products and they do not include any peanuts. The nut butters also include digestive enzymes to help with digestion of the protein and fats.


I really tried to find a favorite flavor. However, they all taste excellent. If you are used to eating natural peanut butter or almond butter, this product will taste even better. If you are used to eating a much sweeter product such as Nutella or major-label peanut butters, you might be surprised that this product is not as sweet.

For someone who is not used to more natural products, the relative lack of sweetness will come as a surprise. For example, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough may sound like a great treat for a sweet tooth, but it’s not the same as the ice cream with the same name. However, it is tasty and also healthy. Thus, the guilt factor will not be the same as it would be for eating ice cream.

For those used to eating healthy, this product can fit in really well into your diet. I find that a teaspoon after dinner is a perfect dessert. The Café Mocha flavor is excellent. However, it is seasonal, so you might have to rush to get it. It is also the only flavor to contain caffeine, so be careful if you have caffeine sensitivity.

Who Should Eat This

It is difficult to say how this will fit into the different diet approaches, as there are many alternative versions. It fits in with a less restrictive paleo or primal diet, as you would need to allow for nuts and milk products. In general, it fits with the less-processed food paradigm better than other nut products. For vegetarians, the nut butters contain milk products, so they might not fit the vegan approach. For the majority of people trying to get good fats and protein into their diet, this is a high-quality product that tastes excellent.

Cracked Nut Butter flavors are available for $11.99 to 14.99 at