Giving the RAD Roller the Strongman Test

Jon Bruney


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Being a professional performing strongman, aches and pains are part of life. Fortunately, there is a product that can help bring pain relief to a hurting body and much more. The RAD Roller has provided a myriad of benefits including increased mobility, myofascial release, and detoxification of joint and muscle tissue, all of which help to alleviate discomfort from overuse injuries.





Being a Professional Strongman Takes a Toll

One of the main areas that I needed to focus on was my neck. One of the feats of strength I perform is called “Lifted Up.” This feat involves me hanging a person from my head and holding out two heavy steel crosses in the crucifix position. The goal is to hold the position for as long as possible. This stunt is extremely taxing on the muscles of the neck and shoulders. I had used many mobility products in the past to help recover from the demands and punishment that my body takes from performing, but never found long term success. 


Enter the RAD Roller

The RAD Roller Stiff’s appearance is similar to having two lacrosse balls taped together. The RAD Roller has just the right amount of give to apply firm pressure, while allowing the muscles to relax at the same time. The creators of the RAD Roller designed it to replicate the touch of a therapists hands. It’s like being able to get a massage any time you need it.


By allowing the roller to move down from the neck into the spinal area, correct body posture and alignment are restored. The space between the balls allows for the back and shoulders to be worked without causing any damage or direct pressure to the spine itself. The benefits of proper body alignment will not only help you to feel better, but you’ll be moving better creating increased performance.



RAD Roller


The RAD Roller provides relief not just with the neck and shoulders, but all over the body. You can remove restrictions caused by trigger points, fascia, and overuse with one great portable tool. By using the roller post-workout, you’ll also jump start your recovery by removing toxins and creating blood and lymph flow to and from the area of muscle trauma.


One of the key uses for the RAD Roller is prehab and injury prevention. By rolling out your abdominals, and other areas that get neglected, like your feet, you can help prevent serious injuries from occurring during your workouts. This is the perfect tool for those who want to have a long athletic career. I highly recommend the RAD Roller for those who not only want pain relief, but for those who want to take their performance to a higher level.


RAD Roller At a Glance



  • Portable
  • Highly effective
  • Easy to use
  • Precision targeting of muscle and trigger points



  • None noted


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