Liquid Chalk: No Mess, No Dust, Serious Grip

Tired of the chalk mess at the gym? Looking for a better grip to power your training sessions? Spider Chalk is liquid chalk that is formulated to keep your hands dry and keep your grip strong. A better grip, equals better lifts, faster times, and elevated performance.


Why Liquid Chalk?

Anyone who has been in a gym has seen the chalk dust cloud and mess on the floor. Traditional block chalks are noxious, messy, and expensive over time. Liquid chalk is a new and welcome alternative to aid in grip based training, sports, and competition. Spider Liquid chalk must be applied before training begins or at resting point in a training session or competition. Spider Chalk is formulated to stay on your hands for the duration of the workout which means you'll waste less time, use less chalk, and can focus on performance and sporting goals.



Steps for using the chalk:

  1. Wash hands with soap and water.
  2. Shake the bottle very well.
  3. Squirt a small amount of liquid chalk into one hand.
  4. Rub hands together.
  5. Wave hands for 30 seconds.
  6. Allow an additional 5-10 seconds more to completely dry.
  7. Get your lift on!


We reviewed the chalk in a typical CrossFit box with an Olympic weightlifting gym attached and also in a home gym setting using heavy kettlebells. Athletes performed pull ups, muscle ups and traditional Olympic weightlifting movements including heavy cleans, jerks, and snatches.


Overall, the experience of using Spider Chalk was very positive, but there was a bit of a learning curve for how much chalk to use per session. Overwhelmingly, we found the “less is more” approach to be best when working with a liquid chalk. If you follow the steps for use, the chalk does perform, your hands are drier, and your grip is greatly increased. Another positive point noted was that during a training session with a timed pull up workout element, where grip and speed was essential, athletes noticed a faster workout time. We found many athletes felt they could save time using the liquid chalk. Our favorite use for the chalk was a long cycle heavy Kettlebell Sport workout. The chalk held up well and the grip was maintained through the training session.


Spider Chalk



  • Can be used for a variety of sports and fitness applications: Kettlebell Sport, rock climbing, weightlifting, CrossFit, and gymnastics
  • Safe Ingredients: made from 80-90% pure magnesium carbonate - no fillers, no drying agents, no binders
  • Long lasting formula: longer staying power than block style chalk
  • No mess, no dust



  • It's not cheap


Editor’s Notes:

You must shake Spider Chalk well each time you apply. Remember when applying liquid chalk you must wave your hands for about 30 seconds for the chalk to dry. Once you see the chalk liquid dry you will see a thin layer of chalk on your hands. If you are competing or doing a training session with a time element you would not want to apply the chalk during the workout, only before. Overall we recommend this chalk for a convenient, mess-free alternative for any athlete who needs grip.


Spider Chalk At a Glance


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