The Mama Natural Guide for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Are you looking for a natural, healthy, happy, stress-free guide to pregnancy and birth? The Mama Natural’s Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth is a fun, fact-filled guide to pregnancy, childbirth, baby care, breastfeeding, and more. This book is full of resources to guide you and your family through a natural approach to pregnancy, nutrition, and parenting.


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The Fun Approach to Natural Pregnancy

Popular YouTube star and mommy blogger Genevieve Howland (Mama Natural) presents a fun approach to a natural pregnancy and attachment-based, positive parenting. Howland offers the readers a week-by-week detailed reference perfect for mothers, expectant mothers, and women who wish to conceive. She discusses pregnancy and birth as a natural and normal state, not as a scary, risky, medical condition.


The book focuses on the latest research and on nutrition, screening, birthing courses, birth teams, birthing plans, and how to set yourself up for a intervention-free labor and delivery. Howland creates an inspiring, informative resource for women. She expertly guides new mothers on breastfeeding after birth, setting up for success, and advice on breastfeeding positioning. She addresses common questions and concerns.


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What We Like About This Book

This is an accessible, well written, funny, week-by-week guide to a natural pregnancy, birth, and beyond. The overall emphasis of the book is how to empower yourself to move through your pregnancy naturally, and create a healthy, happy, and stress-free plan.


The book is full of inspiration from an experienced mother and has the added benefit of having insight from medical professionals as well. One of our favorite sections was the weekly advice and tips for a healthy pregnancy and the "nom of the week" recipe section.


The illustrations in the book are beautifully laid out in a whimsical and sweet format. Whether you are a mom of many or a new mom to be, this book is a needed resource and can help take you from conception to postpartum.


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Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide At a Glance

Excellent resource for expecting and postpartum mothers

Well-written, easy to read, all in one guide

Includes recipes, guides, plan, lists and more

MSRP $13.00
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