Strength & Conditioning – Erwan Le Corre: Week 4, Day 4

Erwan Le Corre is the founder of MovNat, an innovative physical fitness approach that is grounded in natural movement. Get a taste of what MovNat is about with these exclusive workouts.

Erwan Le Corre is the founder of MovNat, an innovative physical fitness approach that is grounded in ancient physical fitness practices and a broader understanding of human movement and health. Get a taste of what Erwan’s philosophy is all about with these exclusive workouts.

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Week 4, Day 4:

Today’s final workout involves a get up (transition from a ground to a standing position) movement that is particularly challenging to most people, even when unloaded. Indeed, the transition from a figure four sitting position to a medium half-kneeling stance requires great mobility and stability in the hips and knees. I strongly recommend to warm up and perform the move without carrying any weight at first. When you feel ready to start carrying something while performing the movement, use a rather light weight.

This movement is a simple, yet challenging way to get up from a sitting stance. However, it is incompatible with both high intensity and volume. It isn’t the type of movement you would attempt with a heavy load, as it would be extremely stressful, particularly for your knee joints. Do not perform this movement an insane amount of times in a row, even without holding any weight.

If this particular movement is too difficult for you to perform easily without weight, obviously you will not want to load it. If it so challenging that you can’t perform it at all, you want to replace it by a more doable option. You could substitute any of the movements we’ve covered in the last three weeks, or any other movement you like.

Again, this 4-week program was a general program emphasizing mobility gains and the applicability of strength through natural movements performed in a way that resemble everyday life. The best approach is always to adapt training to your own needs, weaknesses, or goals and to customize your program. This is a central component of the MovNat system.

I hope you guys who did it enjoyed it and have already noticed substantial benefits. I also hope it gave you a taste of how varied, practical, and adaptive the MovNat fitness system can be. Remember that MovNat training also involves the skills of running, jumping, crawling, climbing, throwing, catching, as well as aquatic and combative skills. If you want to learn more don’t hesitate to pay us a visit at the MovNat website, and many thanks again to the Breaking Muscle team for inviting me to share these workouts.

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