Strength & Conditioning – John Hackleman: Week 2, Day 1

Our second week of programming from John Hackleman’s The Pit begins with his classic workout – “Pit Black Jack.” How well can you fare on this gauntlet of push-ups and squats?

We are in our second of three weeks of programming from featured coach John Hackleman’s The Pit. This curriculum is a unique combination of strength, conditioning, and martial arts training – based on Hawaiian Kempo and CrossFit. Four new workouts are posted each week, starting on Monday, and can be done on any day you have available.

To learn more about John, read our feature interview:

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Push Ups: 20, 19, 18…3, 2, 1

Squats: 1, 2, 3…18, 19, 20

To do this workout you first do 20 push ups, then 1 squat, then 19 push ups, then 2 squats, etc. The final round will be 1 push up and 20 squats.

Do this workout for time!

Post total time to comments below.

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