Strong Gift Ideas for Strongwoman

Find the ideal gift for the strongwoman in your life just became all that much simpler.

Strongwoman sport still sits somewhere in the shadows but is finding increasing followers. While strength training for women has taken a huge leap forward in the last decade, there are still surprisingly few places for strongwoman training. This is changing as the prejudices and myths surrounding strongwoman are laid to rest forever.

That means Santa needs to work extra hard this Christmas to bring strongwoman the goodies they deserve, to help keep them strong.

Have you ever a met a strongwoman before? Well, their wish list is quite unique. Take a look!

1. Circus Dumbbell

Price: Depends on the producer

Description: Because what kind of strongwoman does not want to press a heavy, yet awkward, object over their head? The circus dumbbell was created when the very first strongmen were seen in the circus. Instead of pressing a regular dumbbell overhead, the ends of the dumbbells were enlarged, making the object much more difficult to press overhead (athought the strongmen would wow the crowd with how easy they made it look). Beast Metals is a popular company that creates them for people to purchase, but a lot of times people can make them on their own.

2. Rock Climbing Shoes

Price: $50-$200 depending on the brand and the quality you are looking for

Description: Rock climbing shoes are a great gift for a strongwoman. They are known for their grip on tough surfaces. When you are pulling a heavy truck or pulling a heavy chain, you want something that is sure to keep you stepping. I have yet to purchase a pair of climbing shoes, but after watching all of my strong friends pull some heavy numbers in them, there is no question about this purchase.

3. Liquid Chalk

Price: $8 – $30

Description: Unlike powder chalk, liquid chalk will stick to your hands for the duration of your lifting session. The goal is to improve and lift heaver. Who wants to keep rechalking? Having leftover chalk powder on your hands can hurt your lift as you keep working. I had my first experience with liquid chalk in Vegas when I competed in a MAS Wrestling tournament (great sport, check it out). The liquid chalk allowed a better grip and did not have any excess powder.

liquid chalk

4. Inzer Forever Lever Belt

Price: $89 – 120

Description: Lifting Heavy means the need for core support. Inzer belts are known for their lasting and great quality. They are popular with heavy lifters of all kinds. The best part is that they have a variety of colors so you can snag an incredibly womanish color, such as purple, that screams, “I am a strongoman!” No? Is that just me who wants the purple belt?

purple lifting belt

5. Bolder Bands

Price: $15 – $30

Description: Bolder Bands are known for their lasting stay on a female’s head, which is the number one rule to picking the perfect headband. If you are serious about your training, then you have to look fabulous doing so, right? The Bolder Bands are a popular headband amongst the ladies not only because they stay on your head, but because of their fun patterns. It is important to keep the goldilocks out of the face.

6. Lululemon Tracker Shorts

Price: $58

Description: The Tracker Shorts are not only for runners. Strongwomen like them because of the high waist bands, and the legs are wide enough to leave some breathing room for squatting and moving around. They are high quality and withstand even some of the heaviest lifting.

7. Gift Card to Sam’s Club or Costco

Price: $45 – $110

Description: Have you seen a strongwoman eat? Sure, their training helps them get stronger, but it is the food that fuels their bodies to help them grow. For a strongwoman to have the energy and recovery they need to complete their workouts, they need to fuel up on a lot of healthy carbohydrates and proteins. I know Sam’s Club and Costco are just the right places to fill their food needs.

8. Slater Log

Price: $500 – $700

Description: Slater Logs are the true strongman logs. The balance on them is good, making them more efficient. The log is my favorite event in strongman. The gym I train at only has a steel log that is light enough for me to use, but my strong friend Katie says she would love a Slater Log so I am taking her word on it that they are the best.

Hand crafted wooden lifting logs

9. Spartan Stone Sleeves (lace up)

Price: $150 – $155

Description: Stone sleeves are designed to increase your stone performance. The leather is made so that it grips the stone while protecting your forearms. Stone sleeves are a personal preference. Some don’t mind going bare and tearing up their skin a little.

10. SpiderTack

Price: $36.99

Description: SpiderTack is the strongest tacky on earth. Tacky is used to add better enhancement for stone loading capabilities. Depending on the lifter, some prefer using tacky while others use only stone sleeves—and some may choose to go completely raw. For me, I have only ever used tacky once and it was in practice. I know many competitors rave about SpiderTack.

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