Unfortunately, many gym owners don't even count the money they don't pay themselves and lose sight of what truly matters in a successful gym business.
6-week challenge versus professional coach for life: Which business are you in? You can’t be in both.
Without a deeper, personal connection, the business of coaching isn't going to work. Learn the process of building relationships in your coaching business.
Coaches should be paid based on gross revenue, and on clients sticking around.
It’s okay if your website isn’t perfect, but if you build it, people will begin to find you.
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The hardest part of this business is losing clients. It hurts deep.
How quickly should your athletes put in reps?
Your success as a coach is defined by the growth you can spur in your athletes.
Your programming goal should be to intelligently lay out a plan that offers a safe, long-term approach that develops the maximum potential of your athletes.
Read the evidence, but don’t ignore what works.
You need to develop a sound approach to programming and design a productive, safe, efficient strength and conditioning program.
Memberships in clubs continue to grow, according to the latest research. We talk to Ben Midgely, CEO of Crunch and veteran industry entrepreneur, about what that means to you.
The best workouts on earth are useless if your athletes don't recover from them to gain the benefits.
Your job isn't to be the coolest person in your own gym; it's customer service and business management.
Volunteer hours will mold you into the coach and trainer you want to become, so take every opportunity to learn from others.
If you want to be athletic, you have to know how to launch yourself and balance through the balls of your feet.