Tech Review: Impetus Interval Timer App

With the wealth of preset timers loaded into the Impetus Interval Timer app, it’s easy to use for yourself or for classes right from installation.

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With the wealth of preset timers loaded into the Impetus Interval Timer app, it’s easy to use for yourself and while teaching classes right from installation. Custom music and tone volume levels add to the ease of use. Here are just a few of the things I loved most about this app.


When you install the free version of the app you get fourteen preset timer patterns. While more are available with the pay version of this app, these free presets of Fight Gone Bad, HIIT intervals, and workouts should keep you busy while you learn how to create your own interval sets.

(LEFT: Preset screen; RIGHT: Advanced editor menu)

Custom Sets

Custom sets can be created using a basic editor or the advanced editor, which are both provided in the application. The basic editor lets you specify number of rounds, as well as the work and rest periods. Once you get into the advanced editor, things can get a little wild. In the screenshot above, you can see one of the more advanced templates opened in the editor. If you’re looking to put together something a little more complex for a client, you definitely can with this feature. There is also an export and import function to share custom sets with the pay version of this app.

Alert and Music Volumes

Using the Impetus app, you can choose the volume level of the alert noise, as well as your music. I found that this feature worked well when routing the timer and my music through my Jawbone Big Jambox speaker at the gym. I was able to adjust so that people could both enjoy the music and get the alerts at the same time. The Gymboss timer app I reviewed previously did not have volume control, and given the loud music I like to play, I would often miss alerts.

In summary, if the pay version of the Impetus Interval Timer adds as much functionality as it seems to offer, with custom playlists, interval sets, and the ability to import and export, it’s well worth the $1.29 to splurge. Even the free version has tons of functionality. I applaud the creators of this app for not limiting the advanced set creator in the free version. You have three levels that you can use to create templates, and it’s only when you want to share them with others that you even start to feel pressure to purchase this reasonably priced app. As for me, I’ll be going for the pay version and using this for interval training app with my clients from this point forward!

The Impetus Interval Timer free version is available in the Google Play store.

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