Author: Amber Lee

As someone originally more comfortable in a server room than a weight room, Amber Lee began as a technical support geek and training and development specialist. She started really enjoying the gym when she found CrossFit in 2007 and joined CrossFit Boston. Never one to do anything halfway, she received her certifications in CrossFit Level I, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, and Crossfit Endurance shortly thereafter. While still working in technology, Amber continued moving forward with her coaching education, teaching outdoor classes and eventually moving away from CrossFit to pursue more knowledge about kettlebells and primal movement. She received her HKC in 2010. After taking time off to work in fine dining, do some consulting, and work with a trainer, she received her RKC in 2012. In December of 2012 she opened her gym, GiryaScope Kettlebell Training, just outside Boston, Massachusetts. While Amber is still called upon to consult in the world of software, hardware, and medical devices, for the most part she focuses her time on developing her knowledge of movement. Amber was certified as a Primal Move instructor in March of 2013, and attended the CK-FMS in May of the same year. She considers any training that helps her clients move, feel, and function better to be worth attending. When not studying, she loves to research new software and gadgets designed to make fitness more fun, and help coaches manage their time and businesses more efficiently.

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