The BCKimonos Women’s BJJ Line: Tailored Fit, High Quality

Not only is this company based in Canada, but they also make one of my favorite gis.

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Canadians, guess what? We finally have a gi company in our own country! No duties, no delay at customs, prices in our own currency! Please allow me to introduce BCKimonos, a new gi company based in British Columbia, Canada, and founded by BJJ black belt Brett Cooper.

BCKimonos initially produced a line of men’s gis but has recently introduced the CompW Black Limited Edition gi. I was sent size A00 for review and I have to tell you, I would never have guessed this gi was their first kick at the can. I was also sent a long-sleeved rashguard to review and was just as impressed with that. Canada, we have a winner.

Gi Features

  • Tailored competition cut
  • Pink contrast stitching and edge detail
  • 450GSM pearl weave top
  • Ripstop covered collar and trim
  • Tapered sleeve and pant cuffs
  • 10oz ripstop pants
  • Reinforced knees
  • Four rows of stitching reinforcements on the pant cuffs
  • Staggered waist line
  • Rope drawstring

Rashguard Features

  • 80% polyester, 20% spandex
  • Long sleeves and torso
  • Sublimated graphics

The Gi

For those of you who hate pink, we know. You don’t have to tell us again. But I love the pink contrast stitching and accents on this gi, and I think the combination looks sharp. I also enjoy the retro look of the BCKimonos logo.

One thing I noticed about this gi compared to some others is that it remained a dark black even after two months of wash and wear, and the pink contrast was still vibrant. Shrinkage was minimal even after the dryer, as you can see in my measurements.

I’ve worn this gi constantly since I received it. It’s comfortable to roll in and I love the fit. The product description says, “Tailored competition fit,” and that’s exactly the cut. The attention to detail in the design of this gi is apparent. We know if our sleeve and pant cuffs are too wide, they can be easily gripped by our opponents. These features have been tapered to make them more difficult to grab.

“The product description says, ‘Tailored competition fit,’ and that’s exactly the cut. The attention to detail in the design of this gi is apparent.”

The pants are slimmer than most of the pants that come with women’s gis. They’re an athletic cut, similar to the Tatami pants, with a staggered waist band. So what’s good about a staggered waistband? Well, if the back is higher than the front, then if they slip a little, no one will see your underpants. Genius! BCKimonos is protecting our modesty.

Unfortunately, the drawstring is the stretchy rope type that I find frequently comes undone. I found myself retying on several occasions during rolls. I much prefer the ripstop ties. Other than the drawstring, though, I have nothing to complain about. The pants are a bit long for me, but that works out well for those people who are taller than 5’0.

To suit all athletes, BCKimonos offers regular, thin and big options for the most common sizes. Please visit my blog for more pictures and measurements.

The Rashguard

The BCKimonos long-sleeved rashguard has quickly become one of my favorites. I love the simple logos on front, back, and sleeves, and I also love the cut. It’s slim-fitting and longer than most so it never rides up to show my stomach. Because it’s black and the design is relatively simple, it is a great match for any pair of spats or shorts.

“The BCKimonos long-sleeved rashguard has quickly become one of my favorites. I love the simple logos on front, back, and sleeves, and I also love the cut.”

The rashguard has been comfortable during rolls, though I don’t wear it under the gi. I find long sleeves are too hot, so I only wear the rashguard for no-gi training. The sleeves on this rashguard are extra long as well, so for those of you with long arms, it’s a great choice. The rashguards will be available for sale in a couple of weeks, at $49.00 for short-sleeved and $55.00 for long-sleeved.


For orders over $75.00, shipping is free in Canada and $10.00 to the United States. It took about a week for my package to arrive in Nova Scotia from British Columbia. At the moment, the United States dollar is about 25 cents more valuable than the Canadian dollar, so it’s a great time to buy from Canadian companies. Follow BC Kimonos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The BCKimonos CompW limited edition gi is available for $149.99 CAD on

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