The Cream Rises to the Top for CrossFit Boxes Post-COVID

Boxes that survived the pandemic’s impact on their businesses have had their own year long CrossFit games to contend with.

Mike Tromello from Precision Crossfit has over 20 years of experience and accolades in sports and fitness. His ability to navigate through tough times and grow his business plays a huge role in his success.

Mike Tromello from Precision Crossfit has over 20 years of experience and accolades in sports and fitness. His ability to navigate through tough times and grow his business plays a huge role in his success.

While there are many box gyms closing, he adapts to the circumstances, plans ahead and takes care of his own community. He is one of the go to guys in the fitness industry and has found ways to evolve fitness for all ages and circumstances.

He says, “it’s not about avoiding failure, it’s about your ability to keep standing back up and rising through the hurdles.” The gym has over 30,000 members and has been a member of the world’s largest gym community for more than 20 years.

Always Be Prepared: How Far Can You Go?

“I don’t care what anyone says but you gotta treat 2021 like 2020.” says Mike. This means that we are going to have to be smart, stay grounded and stay prepared for whatever comes next.

In the game of business, it’s not very hard to start a box gym, the real challenge is getting out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle and making a successful plan. That’s exactly what Mike did.

Being a box gym owner, you’re pretty much on your own when it comes to building the business from the affiliate model by Crossfit LLC. It’s almost necessary to forecast what the year ahead and the following year following year means to you.

As for Mike, he played his cards right and kept three to six months of reserves for a time like this. “If you can plan ahead and think about the possibility of your gym not making any money for three months and still be open, that’s golden.”, he says.

While having to pay rent, bills and affiliation fees for his 5,000 square foot warehouse, he gets back in the game with a 2,100 square foot outdoor gym that allows 12-14 members per class. With an adaptable business plan that thrives, he also believes in doing above and beyond to show support to his peers.

Can You Succeed Without Support?

“Currently there’s no support in this game. With the new CEO in charge at Crossfit, I’m hopeful that there will be support in place for affiliates.” Mike comments on the current affiliate business model.

While you might be accustomed to the “eat or get eaten” mindset, you can’t deny that support is essential for success (whatever success means to you). Mike’s foresight allows him to stay true to his word and support his members through the hard times by offering discounts and delayed payments for their membership fees.

He adds, “People will remember those who helped them during tough times.”

Stay Practical and Grounded!!

While some coaches and gym owners can make it on IG, Youtube or even Tiktok, Mike shares this statement of pure cold truth – “In this industry, your business is only as good as your local economy.”

If you open up a gym in your community, you might want to be prepared to protect the members of that community. I couldn’t believe my ears when he says, “As a vital part of the community, sometimes you might have to go out of your way and find your members job opportunities.” This isn’t something your everyday coach will do even if you have a good relationship with him/her.

How Far Does Empathy Go In Business?

By providing support to his community, planning ahead and adapting to circumstances. It’s safe to say that Precision Crossfit is currently navigating through dark waters successfully.

Now, if you own a traditional gym, box-gym or martial arts academy, would you be able to take the information on this article and make it your own?

While the stay at home order is currently lifted, we still will not know how much the number of Covid-19 cases will increase or decrease in the following months.

We don’t even know exactly what could happen to America under the new President. These are clearly matters that are out of most of our control. However, know that you can still make business savvy moves, support your local economy, and look after your members.

As Jack Ma, owner of Alibaba corp, once said, “It’s important to focus on people. While machines are faster and more efficient, they can’t replace people because we have LQ. That is the intelligence of love.”

Now when someone helps you out with your struggle when they are struggling, that’s not help, that’s love. What other ways can you contribute to help your community?

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