The Gym in the Palm of Your Hand

How the simple kettlebell improves strength, mobility, focus, and even fights aging.

Andrea DuCane has an astonishingly diverse background, with experience in everything from dance, to martial arts, to aerobics, to Pilates, before she found the kettlebell. She details why a perpetual focus on technique equals success and explains the relationship between focus, perfection, and humility. She and Shane Trotter dive into the importance of a wide variety of movement for youth development, along with the need for a comprehensive mobility framework for men and women. You’ll learn why bodybuilders should be in the yoga studio, and yogis should find the weight room.

DuCane’s focus today is on training for women and aging populations, and she discusses the need to create training for women that isn’t simply aimed at making them “mini-men,” along with the personal challenges she’s faced as a female expert in a male-dominated industry.

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