The Tao of Bodyweight: Seeking Perspective and Mindful Movement

When challenging situations arise in your life, how do you choose to answer them?

Even with the resurgence of functional fitness over the past decade, there seems to be an arms race when it comes to equipment. Where many CrossFit boxes ten years ago were aggressively minimalist, today you’ll find no shortage of gadgets, contraptions, and novelties, as gyms pull out all the stops to set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive space.

Ryan Hurst of GMB fitness can explain to you why you don’t need all that noise. GMB has created a bodyweight system that focuses on actual function. You know, bending, crawling, running, jumping, climbing, that sort of thing. Ryan’s focus is to empower you to move your body in whatever way you want, in whatever situation you encounter.

Today Shane Trotter sits down with Ryan to talk about the roots of his essentialist philosophy. You’ll hear how he deals with the intersecting challenges of parenthood and fitness, how his daily meditation practice enables his life, how he shapes his day to enable him to remain present, and how immersing himself in a foreign culture taught him the value of listening.