Thoracic Mobility: Chest Up When You Squat

The third in a series of mobility instructional videos for total body mobility, stability, and strength.

So far we have covered ankle mobility and hip mobility in this series of video instructionals. This time, we are going to review thoracic mobility. Funnily enough, it isn’t about mobility so much as it is about stability. In the ankle mobility instructional, we were really griding it out and trying to address a lot of issues through working those joints. In the hip mobility segment, we showed a lot of stretches and sustained stretches, really talking about opening up the hip.

When it comes to thoracic mobility, it’s mostly about actively trying to keep that chest up. Basically, can you keep your chest up while you are at the bottom of the squat. In the video below, we are going to start off with some self-testing so you can assess where you stand in your own practice, then we will dig into some mobility, and finally, go big on stability. That’s going to include ways to strengthen the thorax so that you can better stabilize it.

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