Use This One Exercise for Immediate Back Pain Relief

Once you experience the immediate, noticeable difference Airbench makes in the way your low back feels and functions, you are going to want to keep doing it even when you are not in pain.

Over the years Airbench has been a quick and effective way for me to get relief from low back pain for both myself and the people I have worked with. I think that once you experience the immediate, noticeable difference Airbench makes in the way your low back feels and functions, you are going to want to keep doing it even when you are not in pain.

How Airbench Works

To address low back pain, we need to place the pelvis into a better position and coax the spine back into a better alignment.

With the Airbench exercise we are going to use your own body weight and the flat surfaces of the floor and a wall to return the pelvis and spine to a better position.

By doing the work to realign your body yourself you are going to learn how to get quick relief on your own without any specialized equipment.

How to Correctly Use Airbench

Follow these instructions closely, and focus on getting into the correct position. The correct position is more important than exerting effort or holding the exercise for a longer period of time. Always wear shoes or stand on an exercise mat for traction when doing Airbench.

  • Place your right heel against the wall to start. Then place the heel of your left foot in contact with the toes of your right foot, then take one more step forward and place the heel of the right foot in contact with the toes of the left foot. Be sure to watch the video for a visual of how to do this.
  • Now, place your feet side by side and measure the distance between your heels to be a fist and a half width apart.
  • Next, point your feet straight ahead, so that your feet look slightly pigeon toed. Most of us are duck footed, meaning our feet turn out. In fact, we are so used to seeing our feet turned out, that when our feet are pointed straight ahead they will look pigeon toed. By pointing our feet straight ahead here, we are making sure that the right muscles are activating for the maximum benefit.
  • Now that your feet are in the correct position, reach back to find the wall with your hands and sit your hips back against the wall.
  • Your ankles should be just in front of your knees (you should be able to see your toes when you look down), and your hips should be just above your knees.
  • Push through your heels, and push both halves of your pelvis and your low back flat into the wall. Imagine you are trying to bust a hole through the wall with your pelvis and low back.
  • Relax your upper body and relax your stomach muscles. Breathe into your belly.
  • Keep your knees one fist width distance apart for the duration of the exercise.
  • The priority here is form, not time. You should aim for 15-60 seconds with perfect form, and then work up to the full 2 minutes.

For immediate relief, do this exercise any time you are experiencing discomfort in your low back.

You can also take a proactive approach and do Airbench first thing in the morning or before a workout to re-set your hips and spine even if you are not in pain.

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