Women’s Workout: Cycle 8, Week 6, Day 3

This is an intermediate program for those who wish to complete a 10K at the end of the cycle with a time between 44-52 minutes.

These workouts are designed by Breaking Muscle founder Mindith Rahmat. Mindith is an RYT 500 Certified Yoga Therapist, certified CrossFit coach, and long time fitness enthusiast with extensive experience in Russian kettlebells and bodyweight exercise.

Completing a 10k race is the next step in the endurance cycle of the Women’s Workout. The 10k (6.2 miles) is a great milestone for any athlete to achieve. Combine these workouts with the Bodyweight Workouts to complement your cross training program. Please make sure you incorporate a warm up and mobility work to this program.

Week 6, Day 3


Run 7 miles


Bodyweight Workout

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