Murph has become a traditional Memorial Day workout for some. Here's a primer on how to approach it to get the best results, no matter what your level of ability.
Another benchmark day in our challenge is here.
This is it, the final day of this program. You have build a great a handstand practice if you made this far and should be proud of yourself.
As heavy as possible and aggressively. Directions of the day.
Romanian deadlifts add to some fancy leg work to finish off the week.
A lot of kettlebell movements today and skill building.
It's a rare occasion when the OHS makes its way into the programming.
A lot of hard floor work today to see you through.
As if TGUs weren't challenging enough, let's add another twist.
We are coming to the end of our challenge.
Back to basic movements today.
If you cannot maintain form with the weight you use then, change the weight. Pride and ego should not dictate practice and principle.
After yesterday's heavy workout, you switch to some power moves for today.
Starting off the last week with some arm building exercise to help support you in your handstand.
Every day is a challenge. You just step up and do the best you can then, you take a break, and start over again the next day.
Start the week off with a good session on the bench and then some.
Make like a frog today and jump.