Fit for the Holidays Challenge - Week 8

Shane Trotter


Mansfield, Texas, United States

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Week 8 of this year's Fit for the Holidays challenge starts this Sunday. Please read Fit for the Holidays Challenge introduction if you haven't done so already. The challenge runs until December 24th and started October 8th. Keep looking for updates every weekend. That's a minimum of three days a week of exercises, along with challenges meant to instruct and grow your knowledge of nutritional and emotional health.




Sunday, November 26, 2017 - Don’t Just Sit There, Do Nothing

The Thanksgiving rush is over. But life just seems to accelerate this time of year. This week you will meditate each day.  It will be a habit for at least this week, so plan a cue, a routine, and a reward. Have you continued waking up and moving? If so, I recommend adding this to the end of your 5 minutes of activity. It is only ten minutes and I truly believe it is worth your while to know why meditation matters. Here’s what to do:


Set a timer for 10 minutes, get comfortable, and follow your breathing. Make sure no distractions are around and just watch your breaths as they come in and out. When thoughts inevitably arise, don’t fight them. Just let them go and return to the breath. You may be tempted to skip this one. Please, just trust me and do it. Don’t judge how well you do it, or label your performance. Just observe the breath and allow your brain to have no objective.



No Equipment this week. Today, find a hill or bleachers. Sprint up, do anywhere from 5 to 15 push-ups and walk down. Do as many as seems appropriate. As always add in a few Grease the Groove Pull-Ups throughout the day.



10 Minute Meditation



Pick 4 or 5 movements from this set of suggested bodyweight exercises and practice. Do 4 rounds of practicing each exercise until fatigued. If you’re really bad at any exercise, just regress. Baby steps can go a long way over time.


Need More Specific Direction? How about 4 rounds of:


Floor/Paralletes L-Sit x10 seconds
Dive Bomber Push-Up x5 down & up
Jumping Lunges- x5/side
Wall Squat- x45 seconds


Followed by 4 Rounds of:


L-Sit Tuck Hold x10 seconds
Typewriter Push-up x5/side
Walking Lunges x30 steps
Crow Practice x Failure





10 Minute Meditation


Friday - Your Heroic Potential!

Round 2 of Wednesday’s Challenge. Practice makes perfect. Need some extra motivation? Watch the trailer for The Motivation Factor. Watch the movie if you can. I bet that makes you curious as to what your body is capable of. Have fun practicing these bodyweight skills.



15 Minute Meditation! Up the ante. Then reflect.

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