Strength & Conditioning - Erwan Le Corre: Week 1, Day 3

Erwan Le Corre



Erwan Le Corre is the founder of MovNat, an innovative physical fitness approach that is grounded in ancient physical fitness practices and a broader understanding of human movement and health. Get a taste of what Erwan's philosophy is all about with these exclusive workouts.


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Week One: Context-Free Locomotive Drills (Unloaded)


This week we start with "context-free" locomotive drills, i.e. unloaded movements. Such movements do not need to adapt to complex environmental demands and can be performed on any flat surface, indoors or outdoors, anywhere. The drills will be pretty similar each day this week. You will, however, progressively perform more repetitions so you become a bit more comfortable with them everyday. Practice not just the physical side but also mindfulness by focusing on quality movement patterns, including joint stability, a tall posture, and balance, as well as a strong, yet slow and relaxed abdominal breathing.


Practice each drill separately so you become familiar with those movements from a proprioceptive standpoint. You may follow the specific number of reps indicated, or you may solely focus on sensations instead and practice as long as the movement feels beneficial to you.


None, except a yoga mat if you want to alleviate the discomfort of your knees and ankles supporting your bodyweight. Practice on a soft surface, grass, or sand if you can't stand hard surfaces. Anyway, who said it was easy? Suck it up!


Week 1, Day 3

(See video demonstrations below)


  • Slow and Controlled Stepping Over (alternate sides) x 10
  • Slow and Controlled Stepping Under (alternate sides) x 10
  • Lateral Figure 4 Sitting Reverse x 10
  • Assisted Squat x 20
  • Split Squat (alternate side) x 10
  • Deep Knee Bend x 10
  • Deep Knee Bend Stances x 8 (hold for 20 seconds)
  • Deep Kneeling to Tall Kneeling x 10
  • Deep Knee Bend to Deep Half-kneeling (alternate side) x 10
  • Split Deep Knee Bend Reverse (alternate side) x 10


Stepping Over:


Stepping Under:



Lateral Figure Four Sitting Reverse:


Assisted Squat:


Split Squat:


Deep Knee Bend Stance:


Deep Kneeling to Tall Kneeling:


Deep Knee Bend to Deep Half Kneeling:


Split Deep Knee Bend Reverse:



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