Strength & Conditioning - Erwan Le Corre: Week 3, Day 3

Erwan Le Corre



Erwan Le Corre is the founder of MovNat, an innovative physical fitness approach that is grounded in ancient physical fitness practices and a broader understanding of human movement and health. Get a taste of what Erwan's philosophy is all about with these exclusive workouts.


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Week 3, Day 3:

All moves are loaded. See videos below for demonstrations.


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  • Deep Squat x 16
  • Deep Knee Bend to Tall Deep Knee Bend x 6 (Hold the tall stance for 10 seconds)
  • Deep Squat to Deep Half-kneeling (Alternate sides) x 16
  • Deep Squat to Medium Kneeling x 16
  • Deep Kneeling to Lateral Half-kneeling (Alternate side) x 16
  • Split Deep Knee Bend Reverse x 16


Deep Squat:


Deep Knee Bend to Tall Deep Knee Bend:


Deep Squat to Deep Half-kneeling:


Deep Squat to Medium Kneeling:


Deep Kneeling to Lateral Half-kneeling:


Split Deep Knee Bend Reverse:



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