Strength & Conditioning – Roger Harrell: Week 1, Day 3

Daunted by gymnastics? Wondering how to get better at it? Follow our three weeks of gymnastics workouts and build on your skills!

This week is the first of three weeks from gymnastics coach Roger Harrell. Roger is the Co-Founder of The Cave/CrossFit Marin and a former competitive gymnast. Roger is an expert at teaching gymnastics to non-gymnasts, so if you’re thinking of making progress on your gymnastics skills these are perfect workouts for you.

To learn more about Roger, read our feature interview:

Part 1 – Gymnastics for Adults

Part 2 – Gymnastics for Kids


Warm up activities are to be performed at a level that is appropriate for you. No warm up movements should be strenuous. Be sure to scale appropriately. 5-15 minutes of stretching following each session is expected.

For a guide to stretching visit Drill and Skills: Stretching.

Week 1 – Day 3


5X5s Back lever/Front lever

The focus here is to find the most difficult scaling for the movements that you can successfully hold for a solid 5 seconds. Perform a back lever for 5 seconds, then immediately roll over into a front lever. After coming out of the front lever perform 20 jumping squats. Then rest for the next round. Allow 30 minutes.