An active recovery day with supplemental exercises to fire up your nervous system in a different way than when you lift.
This challenge is helping one veteran raise awareness about Veterans' Suicides. Deceptively simple, it will tax you.
Floor work with kettlebells adds an interesting twist to this workout.
Power snatch, clean and jerk variations dominate the day's challenge.
Incorporating a nice neck and shoulder release routine to end a challenging round of upper body strength builders.
This challenge can be followed by anyone. It is deceptively simple, and it doesn't take up a lot of your time.
Working the high pull takes precedence today.
Diastasis recti makes training difficult. These safe workouts will rebuild your core safely.
The entire sequence today is performed with one kettlebell.
It's a heavy day of kettlebell and mace work with added core work that takes the challenge up a few notches more.
Incorporating the high pull into a snatch or clean routine taxes the mind as well as the body.
Experimenting with different kettlebell work today to build upper body strength.
A sequence that allows for ample technique practice while developing strength in a balanced manner.
Deceptively simple, extremely challenging.
SImple progression through all 3 lift moves with a front squat finish.
An emphasis on core work and some Tabata time to challenge you even further.