Our “Get Your Ass Off The Ground” movements begin and end standing and, once practiced, at no time do our hands touch the floor.
Make challenging choices and keep a pace to match; put in what you expect to get out.
Each set should be difficult, violent, and positionally sound.
Set-up, bracing, violence of action, and order of operations will all equally govern the success of this drill. Pay attention, and move like you mean it- nothing casual here.
Airplane push-up- plyometric or otherwise- simply begins and end with chest/ hips on the ground and hands off the ground; Maintain tension and position, and move with intent.
The goal should be the high-quality completion of as many rounds and partials as possible. If that is not your goal, do something else.
The goal should be a pace and effort level that leaves you struggling to complete sets of push-ups the simpler the drill, the more important the intent.
Set-up, lift, and move like you mean it.
The goal is both strengthening our command over the mace, and reinforcing the difference between the correct starting position (holster) and an incorrect one (arms extended).
Detail position, put your adult pants on, and complete each piece of the puzzle with power and focus; Soft equals sketchy, and listless equals useless.
There is nothing passive about this piece. Each set of lift should pose a significant challenge and should require attentiveness and violence, just like the heavier barbell lifts above.
Transition fluidly and immediately from row hold to push-up, no matter what your arms are trying to tell you; If organized properly, they are but a piece of the “pushing” puzzle.
Move specifically and aggressively, not carelessly or hastily; Pace can be crisp without movement being soft.
The pistol-grip squat is geared for positional reinforcement, isometric strength/ tension improvement, and simple, basic suffering.
The select weight that allows for organized, powerful push press, and seamless hand-to-hand kettlebell switches. Adjust weight by round as needed.
Today, the entire sequence is performed with one kettlebell- Heaviest 3-rep full-range high pull governs weight in each round.
Utilize the most difficult version of the pull-up in your toolbox for as long as you can, and make each round on the bike a vicious sprint.