endurance training

Strong is never wrong, in every sport and in life.
Sometimes, the best thing your coach can tell you is "no."
Here's a quick 5-minute set to improve your run. Tack it on to any of your other workouts and watch yourself improve!
High-load resistance training has always been linked to greater muscular power and strength, while low-load training can lead to greater muscular endurance.
Set yourself up for success by getting the right gear, developing comfort on your bike, and optimizing your workouts.
This study looked at the effects of weight training on endurance in concurrent training programs.
Whether you're coming right off the couch or a seasoned marathoner, here's all you need to know to get started in the sport of triathlon.
As your cardiovascular conditioning improves your breathing will regulate, and your runs will become more enjoyable.
It's incredible how little you have to do to make a change in your levels of fitness so, why do people still have problems?
You don't have time to train like the pros.
If you row 60 minutes per day and weight train, this diet example is worth checking out.
The race itself is just the expression of what you have already accomplished.
Don't let stomach issues slow you down on race day.
Endurance athletes eat for stamina. This vegetarian recipe provides the ideal balance of nutrients to support long training sessions.
Capitalize on your off-season to lay the groundwork for a great season ahead.
Here's a simple way to create an interval-based turbo session that will simulate your favorite (or least favorite) race course.
The argument of HIIT versus LSD has been waged for the previous century, but it finally seems things are heading in a positive direction.