While in school as a kinesiology major, the inability to diagnose and treat was the spark that goaded me towards physical therapy.
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The first gold medal winner for the Philippines gets a new house and $660,000 as well as the gratitude of a nation that has been waiting for this moment since 1924.
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Motivational goals have a goldilocks quality, whereby the targets that we aim for cannot be too easy, too hard, or take too long to achieve. The coach needs to get it just right.
The only 12-week, three-phase, three-methods, fat loss plan, you'll ever need to lose quarantine weight gain.
Remind yourself that the lockdown is an opportunity to take time to rest, heal some nagging injuries, and pause and reflect on your training goals.
Once you know you’re not starting from scratch and haven’t lost too much ground you can resist the urge to go in all guns blazing.