A Lesson in Study Design (and the Bench Press)

A new study offers new insight into the repeated bout effect and how it relates to the bench press.

Consistency and Focus (Athlete Journal 23)

With the New York Summer Open about a month away and an event in a few weeks, I've been spending a lot of time training.

"Digestive Health With REAL Food" (Book Review)

This book empowers readers to address their gut health through diet and other lifestyle changes.

11 Amazing BJJ and MMA Gifts for Father's Day

Turn Father’s Day up to eleven! If you haven’t finished shopping for the fighting dad in your life, there’s still time.

15 Great Training Plans - Is One For You?

You asked, we listened: our workouts now post one full week at a time. From kettlebells to triathlon to strongman, we cover the spectrum of athletic pursuits.

Take Nothing for Granted: 9/11, CrossFit, and Breath

When your breathing gets the hardest, when you are clamoring for breath, dig deep and go a little harder.

How to Coach New Clients: Don't Go Too Far

Don’t try to get new clients back in shape in a day. That’s a massive error on the first play.

Dehydration Impacts Heart Rate and Performance

A review of the research confirmed dehydration can significantly impact a variety of athletic markers.

Every Experience Is a Teacher (Athlete Journal 20)

Last weekend I competed in my first big individual CrossFit competition, and it was an incredible experience.

3 Easy Paleo Recipes for Busy People (Sponsored by TX Bar Organics)

Ground beef is one of my favorite kitchen staples to use for quick and easy meals. Here are three recipes.

Everything to Know About Ultra-Marathons

Considering trying your first ultra? Here's what to expect and how to adjust your training for success.

Discounts Are Killing the Fitness Industry

If you are a real expert, you value your time, your investments, your results, and your impact.

Valerie Worthington: On BJJ and Life, Ep 1

In this inaugural episode of our radio show, we discuss BJJ, the learning process, taking risks, and living your passions.

The Modern Male and Body Image: It's Okay to Talk About It

How do today’s physical standards affect males and how they feel about themselves?

Science Investigates Optimal Loads for Sled Pulls

A new study investigated the different between heavier and lighter sled pulls.

Training With Elbow and Wrist Pain (Athlete Journal 31)

Pain and discomfort made my training difficult this week, but I managed to work around it.

Bio Skin Compression Shorts (Product Review)

These compression shorts are ideal for athletes who want to accelerate their recovery time. And who doesn't?

Why I Love the Medicine Ball and You Should, Too

The med ball has been around for thousands of years. So why doesn’t it get the attention and respect other training tools do?

Listen to Your Body for Fewer Injuries and Greater Progress

Training in an intuitive manner is the reason people can create great results from their workouts.

11 Sneaky Ways to Move Every Day

These suggestions are not in place of a regular workout. They are for when exercise just isn’t a priority.