Friday Flicks: Eric Lilliebridge and Family - The Bonds That Hold

What makes Eric Lilliebridge such a good powerlifter? He is the world record holder in the squat at 275 pounds at only 23 years of age. Many would say his family are the source of his strength.

Book Review: "OMG That's Paleo?" by Juli Bauer

"OMG That's Paleo?" is not only full of simple, straightforward recipes, but it's also an entertaining read that expresses Juli's passion and sense of humor.

The Triathlon Show: New Equipment and Hot Trends

Every March as the weather begins to change, I seek out some inspiration and see what is new. Here are a few highlights from my adventure at this year’s Triathlon Show:

Paleo Acorn Squash Lasagna (Recipe)

After many years of practicing and many moments of saying, “What the heck” (in cooking and in life), I’ve discovered that playing in the kitchen can be the most fun.

Because We Can: Why We All Need to Run

I’m a big believer in doing what we are born to do. Some people are built to be really strong, or fast, or go for long periods of time. But we are all built to run.

Research Reveals New Indicators of Overtraining

A new study suggests protein markers may be a dependable indicator of the early stages of overtraining syndrome.

Tech Review: Asana Project Management

If you manage a gym or want to organize your workouts and make long-term plans, Asana Project Management is a great tool. It's the secret to my business success, and now I'm sharing it.

Weekly Work-In: Week 3 - Create Balance in Your Life with the 5 Body Approach

Each time I come to my yoga mat, I remind myself to remain dedicated to enhancing all parts of my being so I am healthy, happy, and holy regardless of my physical abilities.

Helping Your Young Athlete Through the “I Want to Quit” Stage

While it's natural that a young athlete does not want to go to practice on occasion, it's a problem when the child rarely wants to go. Here's a look at why this happens and how it can be solved.

How to Calculate the Energy Expenditure of Weightlifters

Traditionally, work is measured in total kilos lifted. In fact it depends on three things: the bodyweight of the lifter, the skill level of the lifter, and the particular exercise performed.

The Ups and Downs of Running: How to Properly Run Hills and Stairs

Changing up your run training with stairs and hills helps improve agility skills, speed, muscle endurance, and so much more.

The 6 Reasons Your Success Depends on Your Failure

Here are six reasons why I believe it is important to learn to fail in order to take it back full circle to success, and develop as a lifter in the most successful manner.

Strength Before Cardio: It's Not a Universal Law

You've probably heard you should always do strength training before cardio. A new study suggests that it really just depends on what kind of exercises you're doing.

Athlete Journal: James Kearns, Entry 10 - 3/12/2014

This was the last week of training before my next tournament, and I feel confident in the progress I've made since my last competition.

Product Review: Fuji Sports Women's Sekai Gi

The new women's gi from Fuji Sports features beautiful embroidery, high-quality construction, and one of my new favorite pairs of gi pants.

What Is Nutritarianism and How Can It Help the Athlete?

The debate over diet seems to always boil down to vegan versus paleo, and that’s a shame. Today I’d like to introduce a variation within the (mostly) plant-based world to you - the nutritarian diet.

Chakras Demystified: Sahasrara - The 7th Chakra

In this series, I aim to demystify this system of personal body management. We will examine our seven chakras, one by one. First is Sahasrara - the seventh chakra.

Featured Photographer: Nat Arem of Hookgrip - Olympic Weightlifting

For Nat Arem, founder of Hookgrip, the barbell and the camera go hand in hand. Read on to learn more about Nat and see a sample of his Olympic weightlifting photography.

CrossFit, You’re No Branch Rickey

History remembers Jackie Robinson at the man who broke through, but to be fair, it was Branch Rickey who was the visionary. CrossFit, Inc. had such a chance to be visionary, but they played it safe.

Integrated Strength: The Right Tool at the Right Time for the Right Person

I am sick of seeing people throw away exercises because they can't combine them. This integrated approach allows you to pick the right tool at the right time for the right person - every single time.