The Pull Is Not an Upright Row: Misconceptions in Weightlifting

As with my discussion last week about the press-jerk confusion there is also much of the same with the pull-type lifts, especially with those who are self-coached or poorly coached.

Virtuosity with Dusty Hyland - Handstand Walking, Vol 9: Handstand Walk Up Stairs

Today is the big day! We're going to put all the skills we've been practicing together, and then we're going to handstand walk UP and DOWN a set of stairs.

I've Jacked Up My Shoulder: What Did I Damage and What Do I Do Now?

A decrease in scapular control places the glenohumeral joint at a mechanical disadvantage, and bigger muscles start to compensate for the smaller ones getting no love. Result? Shoulder pain.

Why It's Sometimes Totally Okay to Lift With a Rounded Back

It can be advantageous to round your back when lifting heavy in your training. Because life doesn't always conveniently look like a barbell and sometimes we can't help but round our backs.

Using Hyperventilation to Improve Cardiovascular Performance

You've probably seen people hyperventilate before lifting weights, or maybe you've even done it yourself. A new study suggests it can also help improve sprint performance.

Video: Sean Waxman - Olympic Weightlifting Drills: Halting Explosive Push Up to Plates

The halting explosive push up to plates is a simple exercise that builds strength and explosiveness in the upper body.

Athlete Journal: Pat McCarty, Entry 20 - 7/17/2013

This Saturday I leave for the 2013 CrossFit Games. I've made a lot of progress in the last year, but it's not over yet. Here are my goals for the Games this year.

Top 10 BJJ Online Resources

These days, we are fortunate to have access to anything we want with the wave of a mouse. Here is my list (in alphabetical order) of ten online resources that offer something for everyone.

Heal Your Lower Back Pain With These 5 Yoga Poses

As an athlete, our activities are prone to causing tension in our lower backs. For relief from this pain and tension, do the following poses daily or at least after your workout.

Phase One: How to Reset the Body and Awake Your Inner 6-Year-Old

Something funny happens around age six - we get sent to school. Gone are the days of moving and exploring, replaced instead by sitting and learning. Here's how to reset your body and your movement.

How My Jacket Convinced Women to Try Weight Lifting

As a coach I was blessed with a genetic predisposition for packing on muscle and sometimes inadvertently frightening female prospects. So my jacket became my tool for initiating women into the gym.

Ultramarathoners Are Older and Less Injured Than You Might Think

Think you're too old to run an ultramarathon? Think again. A new study shows the majority of ultramarathoners are what some might consider "too old" to run crazy long distances.

Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 59 - Working Around Pain

In an uncharacteristic move, I decided to skip squat day this week since I had some groin pain. I did get in some conventional deficit deadlifts, which I haven't done in 7 or 8 years.

Consistent Hard Effort Over Time: The Only Guaranteed Method of Success

People always look for the easy way out. If you are this person don’t even bother showing up to ask me or any other trainer the question, “How do I get results?”

Backyard Protein: An Urbanite's Guide to Raising Chickens

If you're like a lot of fitness enthusiasts, the idea of protein that replenishes itself every day might be attractive to you. Here's what I've learned about raising chickens in my own backyard.

Monthly OpEd: Why CrossFit Masters Athletes Deserve a Spot at the Regionals

It seems a shame to me there is no masters event at the regional level in the current CrossFit games competition structure. I think CFHQ would do well to invite its senior athletes to Regionals.

Free Strength and Conditioning Workouts Designed for MMA and BJJ

We love our BJJ and MMA readership, and for that reason we've created a strength and conditioning program specifically designed for your needs and your sports.

More Volume = More Strength

If you're not seeing gains from your training program, you might just need to amp up the volume a bit. Here's what a recent study found out about increasing training volume.

Join Us For a Twitter Chat With Erwan Le Corre - And Win a Free Spot at a MovNat Workshop!

On July 30, we're chatting with MovNat founder Erwan LeCorre. Learn how you can join in and win a chance to attend a free MovNat workshop!

Video: How to Properly Do GHD Sit Ups

The glute-ham developer (GHD) sit up is an oft misunderstood exercise. Watch this video to see the difference between a badly executed GHD sit up and one done properly.

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