4 Simple Gymnastics Drills for Strength and Mobility

Gymnastics strength training provides countless benefits to those willing to commit to the process.

Feet Are Our Foundation: 5 Ways to Strengthen Them

Relearn how to stand properly for a deep-rooted positive impact on the spine and joints.

2014 Kettlebell Holiday Shopping Guide

The girevik in your life will be thrilled to find these gifts under the tree or in the stocking.

2014 BJJ Lovers Holiday Shopping Guide

Santa has asked us for gift ideas for all of the good boys and girls who train Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Why Your Approach to Fixing Your Low Back Is Making It Worse

I know stretching your lumbar spine feels good. But you are actually making your pain worse.

What the CrossFit Games 2015 Changes Mean for You

Bubble athletes, say goodbye to regionals. The bubble just moved 28 spots up the leaderboard.

Screw Goals: It's All About Your System

Learning and following a proven system is the true key to success.

5 Essential Tips for Coaching the 40-and-Over Crowd

Coaching clients over forty isn't just about teaching technique, but also learning how to communicate with them.

2014 Fit and Female Holiday Shopping Guide

Look for a gift for a strong lady in your life? Here are nine ideas.

Lessons While Shooting: How to Take Aim in Life and Sport

Learn how to relax, point, and shoot at your own goals.

Pratyahara: An Ancient Practice for Modern Times

Pratyahara, or disengagement from the senses, is an aspect of yoga we often forget, but it can bring your practice to the next level.

Avoid Shoulder Injury by Strengthening the Rotator Cuff

Here is a video of the exercises I recommend to strengthen your rotator cuff and prevent injury.

A Complete Primer on the Benefits of BCAAs

I'm going to tell you exactly what BCAAs are and why you should consider supplementing with them.

Training During the Holidays (Athlete Journal 12)

I took Thanksgiving off to be with my family and missed my deadlifts, but otherwise it was a good training week.

"The Roll Model" (Book Review)

Jill Miller's new book is a thorough guide to self-care for full-on body nerds and laypersons alike.

Strongman Profile: Edward Aston Teaches the Basics of Grip Strength

Try these two grip drills from Aston’s book - no equipment required.

Why I'm Not Giving Up My Muscles for Anyone

A whole lot of women would say I'm "bulky." But this 35-year-old woman isn’t going to give in to that noise.

Don’t Just Argue, Debate Like a Scientist

Learn the essentials of how to structure a compelling argument through research.

Fit Factory Gear MobilityPack (Product Review)

If you’re looking for a durable, versatile bag, then this is one to investigate.

A One-Legged Squat to Improve Strength and Balance (Video)

You'll be a big fish in a little pond when you can crank out reps of the shrimp squat.

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