Why You Should Include Burpees and Battle Ropes in Your Metcons

Metabolic conditioning workouts are becoming more popular all the time. A recent study asked which components are most effective.

What Is Brown Adipose Tissue and Why Would We Want It?

What if I told you adipose tissue could actually increase your metabolic function and lower your overall body weight index?

8 Keys to Back-to-School Fitness Success

It's time for packing lunches, carpool, and homework. Here are some tips for surviving the hectic school season with your fitness intact.

Become Cooler and Calmer Through Sitali Breathing (Video)

Through this exercise you will feel your breath travel through your body and observe the deep calming effect it has.

How to Protect Your Customers from Identity Theft

As big companies devote more money and personnel to security, criminals are increasingly turning to small businesses that present a softer target.

When Good Cues Go Bad

Are you simply repeating the words other coaches use or are you using your cues to address an athlete’s specific physiological challenges?

When It Comes to Static Stretching, Timing Is Everything

Two new studies broke the trend of negative research on the effects of static stretching.

PanAmerican Championships (Athlete Journal 36)

My achy wrist reared its ugly head during the PanAms last week, but at least I still have Worlds in September.

Can Exercise Make You Happy?

Money makes you happier - but according to science, only to a certain point. Is exercise the same? Is there a a perfect amount that creates happiness?

Injury Prevention in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Put the Odds in Your Favor

When you're suddenly not able to train due to injury, it can be devastating. Here's how to prevent that from happening.

Unilateral Leg Training, Part 1: Historical Perspectives

Everywhere you look in the training world today you see single leg exercises. But it wasn’t always this way.

How to Scale CrossFit WODs for Measurable Improvements

Structuring the benchmark Girls as time-constrained tests provides a method to help your athletes mature into accomplished CrossFitters.

Science Compares Exercise DVDs to Live Coaching

Exercise DVDs may be convenient, but a new study showed they were less effective than having a coach.

20 Pieces of Gym Etiquette You Can Learn From a Probie

Firefighters and police officer have to go through a probationary period before they deemed ready. What if all gym members had to do this?

4 Progressions for the Pull Up (Video)

This week, Al demonstrates four progressions for the pull up, along with some more advanced variations.

6 Training Roadblocks and 6 Guides to Getting Over Them

This week's articles are all about the various obstacles we perceive in our training and the ways we can overcome, defeat, and transform them.

Hyper-Recovery Mode (Athlete Journal 45)

This was a great week of training, with lots of new skills, a visit to a different gym, and a relaxing recovery day.

Yes! Fast Food Is an Option for Post Workout Recovery

In the short term, inexpensive fast food appears to suffice as a viable glycogen replenishment choice following high-effort training sessions.

Everything You Need to Know Before Opening a CrossFit Gym

There's a harsh reality about owning a gym. Do it wrong and you can easily wind up broke, busy, and with no time for your own workouts.

Chomps Snack Sticks (Product Review)

These meat-based snack sticks taste better than products like Slim Jims - and without all the frightening ingredients.

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