5 Flexibility Standards You Should Be Able to Meet (Video)

To stretch your boundaries further, you need a supple body. Learn five top flexibility standards that will empower you to achieve more.

School Isn't Just for the Mind - It's Also for the Body

A school is supposed to nourish a student in every way. But all signs point to how caretakers in the education field are failing us.

Tournament Training Week (Athlete Journal 58)

This week I took it easy and focused on getting ready for my next tournament this weekend.

No Sweat Laundry Detergent (Product Review)

If you’re one of those people typically in need of extra assistance in the laundry front, this is the right stuff for you.

No Time to Lose Weight? Simple Options for Daily Calorie Burning

Need to do something to counter poor nutrition and a lack of physical activity? Here are some options you can use throughout your day.

You Gotta Want It More Than You Don’t Want It (Athlete Journal 114)

Whenever you’re about to perform a difficult physical task, a big part of you will want nothing to do with it.

Rosemary Garlic Truffle Oil Sweet Potato Fries (Recipe)

After a few too many bags of frozen sweet potato fries, I've added this to my instant crowd pleaser menu and tossed those bags for good.

Why the Numbers on Weight Machines Are a Lie

Where the real problem occurs is the whole idea that a machine can move more resistance than the effort put into it.

The Surprising Link Between Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Prevention

While the research on Vitamin D is relatively preliminary, there is intriguing evidence of substantial cancer-combating capabilities.

Know Your Role: It's Okay to Say You Don't Know

Saying you aren’t an expert in something is seen as a sign of weakness. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Science Tests Methods for Assessing Recovery Needs in Contact Sports

How much recovery do athletes need, and how do we figure that out? A new study has some answers.

Understanding the Off-season for Youth Athletes

The off-season does not mean an athlete should not train. So if it doesn’t mean taking time off, what does it mean?

The Om Dilemma: Tips to Make Om-ing Accessible and Relevant

What does Om really mean, anyway? Is it a Sanskrit symbol to worship? What is it and how is it relevant to our yoga practice?

Bright Light Before Bed Leads to Faster Cycle Times

Here's an easy way to save over a minute on a 10km time trial - just by using light and its effects on your body physiology.

How I Banished Chronic Hip Pain Through Posture Alignment Therapy

At 27, I was stuck in a wheelchair. I consulted with over twenty professionals, but in the end I found my own solution.

Do Antioxidants Impede the Benefits of Exercise?

Antioxidants seem to interfere with the long-term benefits of exercise by interfering with the body’s adaptive mechanisms.

12 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Bench Press (and Save Your Shoulders)

These will not only increase your bench but will also take better care of your shoulders than ever before.

The 2014 Masters World Championships (Athlete Journal 43)

I am happy with my experience at Worlds, and after competing ten times this past year, it is time to rest and get ready for 2015.

4 Motivational Lessons Rocky Balboa Can Teach You

Welcome to the Rocky Balboa School of Motivation! Here are powerful lessons drawn from the life of Rocky, the ultimate underdog.

The Single Secret to Becoming a Better Runner

The foundation for improving as a runner revolves around the idea of maximizing efficiency.

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