5 Foot Strengthening Exercises to Improve Speed, Power, and Balance

Your feet are your foundation and are responsible for transferring all the force from your body to the ground.

7 Step Progression for a One-Arm Push Up

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Back to the Grind (Athlete Journal 65)

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What Happened to Movement for Health?

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2 Flavored Bone Broth Recipes to Beat Flu Season

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How to Avoid the Fad Diet Cycle (and Keep the Weight Off)

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Learning the Art of Self-Coaching

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My Favorite Exercise to Get Kids Started in Lifting

I'm a big believer in starting children while they're young. Here's why RDLs are my favorite exercise.

Super D Video: Body Tempering With the Cold, Hard X Wife

Use Super D's diffusion rod to break up adhesive tissue and increase recovery time while adding strength.

Dan John's Guide to Building an Intentional Community

Dan not only inspires to give back, but shows that the community benefits of doing so pay off.

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How to Achieve Big Athletic Goals After the Age of 35

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It's All About Speed (Athlete Journal 15)

The loads were light this week, as the focus for the next two weeks is compensatory acceleration training.

Lessons in Parkour: How to Safely Land on Your Feet

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Submission Series 902: BJJ Athletes With Bright Futures

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It's Not Too Late to Prepare for the CrossFit Games Open

There's no reason you can’t give yourself every possible advantage - starting right now.