Fingers and Fists: The Drills Pro Swimmers Use

You’ll learn a better feel for what your hand does in the water and how to grab a better hold on the water with each stroke.

Does Your Diaphragm Need a Warmup?

In a recent study, investigators wondered if warming the diaphragm up just like your other muscles would be of any benefit.

Foundational Training for Youth Athletes: Are You Doing It?

Just like in any good Montessori program, coaches of youth athletes need to build the foundations before the high-level skill work.

What All Athletes Can Learn From the Life of B.K.S. Iyengar

I’m getting to know Iyengar through his writings and video footage, and realizing his teachings are timeless for yogis and non-yogis alike.

Anderson's 1,200lb Squat: Did He Do It?

Did Paul Anderson really squat double what anyone else even thought of squatting, several times a day?

Use Motivational Interviewing Techniques to Create Positive Change

These techniques can provide an effective way for people to make big life changes and can be used by coaches and athletes alike.

Stirring the Pot With Patrick McCarty: Breaking Muscle Radio, Ep 5

Pat McCarty speaks about CrossFit expansion, Grid development, and masters athlete inclusivity.

A Scientific Analysis of the Quads During Leg Extensions

New research examined how toe angle, range of motion, and rep schemes affect the quads.

Great Expectations (Athlete Journal 35)

Coming off my win last week in Boston, I briefly thought that I may get a little complacent in my training, but that was far from the case.

POSS MMA Compression Tights and Rashguard (Product Review)

The high-quality products from POSS MMA are classic and affordable options for grapplers and other fighters.

How to Evaluate Your Training in Terms of Epigenetics

Every little bite of food can alter gene expression and affect health. How can we make this work for us?

The Truth About Hypoxic Training and Oxygen Reducing Masks

Let's talk about why masks have been around since 2009 and most people are only hearing about it now, in 2014.

The Moment Grid Became a Sport

The world was put on notice this weekend. Grid has arrived, and it’s only going to grow. Better get your tickets.

Study Compares Hamstring Muscle Activation During the Deadlift and Leg Curl

A new study investigated some of the more mysterious details of muscle recruitment.

The Beauty of Movement - Bev Childress (Featured Photographer)

Action photography has given Bev Childress an opportunity to be involved in competitive sports in a unique and intimate way.

How to Make Up for Missed Training Runs

How should you continue with your training plan after missing one or more runs? Here are tips from three expert sources.

Pull Up vs. Chin Up: A Comparison and Analysis

Let's explore the chin up in depth and how it activates our muscles, as well as how it differs from the pull up.

Unilateral Leg Training, Part 4: Correcting the Imbalances

The imbalance of quad dominant over hip dominant exercises is dangerous. Salvage your body before too much more damage is done.

You're Not Getting Stronger Because You Don't Know How to Move

Plateaus can be challenging, especially if you feel you're doing everything right. If this is you, then I know exactly why it is you're stuck.

Science Examines Why We Supplement and If It Works

Two studies confirmed two things: first, supplement use is common in athletes, and second, the effects aren't always significant.

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