2014 Strength Athlete Holiday Shopping Guide

Here are my picks of the most useful, most fun, and generally most awesome strength-related gifts.

Effective Cross-Training for Yoga and Running

Some basic muscular awareness can help you avoid potential imbalances created by yoga and running.

Submission Fight Co. Aura Gi Pants (Product Review)

I don't think these pants helped make my aura any stronger, but I'm still a fan of their quality and design.

Destroy Pain and Physical Limitation With Posture Alignment Therapy

Find out how misalignment may be limiting your lifts and causing you pain in the process.

2014 CrossFit Athlete Holiday Shopping Guide

This is not your average CrossFit holiday wish list, folks. Box owners, this is your client’s wish list.

"Swim Speed Strokes for Swimmers and Triathletes" (Book Review)

Olympian Sheila Taormina teaches important basics that can apply to swimmers of all levels.

How to Make Social Events a Strength This Holiday Season

Holiday get togethers can threaten your progress or they can make you stronger. It's up to you.

2014 Yoga Lovers Holiday Shopping Guide

If you have a yoga lover in your life, I guarantee he or she would be thrilled to find these gifts under the tree.

3 Ways Hot Yoga Might Benefit You

Science shows us the myriad benefits of adding hot yoga to your routine.

Membership Growth: How Much Is Too Much?

When it comes to client growth, it is important to know when enough is enough.

Understanding the Brain Is the Key to Being Pain-Free

Pain does not come simply from our habitual mechanics. Our mental habits can cause just as many problems.

The Critical Role of the Adductors in Avoiding BJJ Injuries

If you have a strong lower body, but still feel unstable, then your adductors might be the missing piece.

Keeping It Simple, Smolov-Style (Athlete Journal 11)

My next plan sticks to basics and mirrors the infamous Smolov cycle.

3 Important Questions to Help Recalibrate Your Training Focus

Take some time to step back and evaluate the "whys" of your own routine.

Why It's Time to Break Up With Your Knee Sleeves

I know what you’re thinking: I see top athletes wearing knee sleeves, so shouldn’t I wear them as well?

The 5 Best Plyometric Exercises for Runners

Runners who perform plyometric exercises run faster and more economically than those who don’t.

How to Manage Your Conditioning Program, Part 1

Two criteria determine whether or not you reach your goal - your training program and how you manage that program.

3 Tips for Developing Fine Motor Control During Childhood

Developing fine motor skills will help your kids excel in their sport. Here are some Montessori-inspired tips for building these skills.

5 Simple Ways to Stretch Out and Loosen Up (Video)

Al is not only a master of bodyweight strength but also of flexibility. Here, he teaches you the twist hold.

You Can Out-Exercise a Bad Diet and Lose Fat

There may be some hope for you. I’m about to explain how you can have your cake and eat it, too.

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