Athletic Resilience: Coaching Athletes to Success After Mistakes

All athletes make mistakes. What sets an elite athlete apart is his or her ability to quickly recover from a mistake.

How to Adjust Sets and Reps to Fit Your Training Goal

It's time to understand the numbers. The key is to know what each is for and not to do more reps than you have to.

How to Define and Attract Your Ideal Client

Not all customers are created equal. Some are a nightmare to work with and don't care about what you do. You want to attract people just like you.

Make One Small Change to Make a Big Difference to Your Health

If we can make small changes, then we can reverse a downward spiral and create an upward spiral.

How to Create Perfect Training Sessions and the Perfect Program

Your current program is most likely fine. It's your approach to your training sessions and your expectations that need adjustment.

For Weight Loss Clients, Smaller Groups Mean Bigger Results

A social component has been shown to improve weight loss results. A recent study showed smaller groups are ideal.

The Importance of Training at a Different Academy (Athlete Journal 39)

My BJJ training schedule has undergone some changes and I am already beginning to reap the benefits.

Oil Pulling: An Ancient Secret for Releasing Neck Tension

This Ayurvedic oral remedy can produce some powerful results, alleviate issues with neck tension, and help with dental hygiene.

"Movement Restoration" (Book Review)

More people should be paying attention to Brandon Hetzler's message about corrective and developmental movement.

Size Matters: How to Spot (and Be) a Good Training Partner

As a smaller person, one of your biggest strengths is your speed and ability to exploit the holes in the game of your opponent.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet: Strong, Real, and Less-Than-Perfect

Any comparisons of The Box’s cover photo and real photos of Camille seem to reveal a body much different.

Cutting Weight? Electrolyte Replacement Beverages Help

If you plan to cut weight through fluid and calorie restriction, your water and electrolyte levels each need to be restored.

Take Charge of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome With Strength Training

If, like me, you’re a woman living with polycystic ovarian syndrome, then strength training should be a part of your treatment plan.

Natto: The Most Amazing Food You’re Not Eating

Natto will provide you with a nearly complete package of nutrients, some hard-to-find enzymes, and some powerful health benefits.

Group Flow: The Pathway to Peak Human Performance

if you’ve ever watched a team rally and come back from a huge deficit, then you’ve seen people in group flow.

Growth Hacking: An Essential Skill for the New-Age Entrepreneur

Having a great concept isn't going to cut it anymore. The new metric will be growth velocity. Bigger, faster is better.

2 Things You've Got All Wrong About Movement

Dogma becomes problematic when it's applied beyond the original authority's intention. Here are two very common misconceptions I see in fitness.

Compression Socks Improve Recovery in Marathon Runners

A new study compared athletes who used compression socks for recovery to those who didn't, and the results were pretty clear.

Why I Believe in the Core Vales of the YMCA

The YMCA might not be the most cutting-edge gym, but it has a genuine sense of community - and a commitment to it, as well.

Too Much BJJ Can Be a Bad, Bad Thing

Getting better at BJJ comes down to one thing - being able to train consistently for a long period of time. But this doesn't mean training TOO much.

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